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Hiring salespeople in a tough market
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

Finding Good Salespeople in a Tough Market

Today’s tough job market challenges companies to find good salespeople to staff their companies. However, you can still find star employees with the right tactics for navigating a challenging job market.  In this post, we will walk you through what qualities to look for in superstar salespeople, where and how to find them and finally, how to hire them. Let’s get started. Why Can’t I Find Good Salespeople? Finding good salespeople in a tough market is a challenging process. As minimum wages increase nationally and internationally to match the higher standard of living due to inflation, companies must hire fewer
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Sales Interviewing & Hiring

Onboarding Salespeople: Getting New Sales Reps Up to Speed Quickly

As the sales team manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that new sales reps are properly onboarded and trained. Onboarding is the process of bringing a new hire up to speed on the company culture, values, systems, procedures, and products. A good onboarding program will help new sales reps hit the ground running and make a positive contribution to the team from day one. Here is what you need to know about getting your new sales team up to speed efficiently and the best strategies to make it happen. 4 Key Phases of Onboarding Sales onboarding works through four
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Sales Assessments

How to Build a Sales Team From Scratch

The sales team is an integral part of any organization. The basic share of profit for a business is brought in by the sales team which is crucial for the success of any business. When starting a new business, you are likely handling all the operations by yourself — from setting the strategies to supervising the infrastructure. After some time, you need to have an efficient team of individuals that you can fall back on for your day-to-day selling activities. Considering the critical role of the sales team, it is important that you put in the time and effort to
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Smiling young businesswoman welcomes candidate
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

Why Sales Jobs Are So Difficult to Hire For

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “sales occupations are projected to decline between 2018 and 2028,” a trend that is bound to make it more challenging for employers to hire sales associates.  However, this prediction is just one of several reasons sales jobs are challenging to hire for. Other factors, such as technology changes, decreased appeal, and increased stigmatization also contribute to declining sales positions and qualified candidates.  This explains why it can be so difficult to find and hire a high-performing salesperson – let alone a whole team of them. Fortunately, there are several steps sales managers
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The Best Questions To Hire Superstar Sales Reps
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

Revealing Sales Interview Questions to Hire the Best Reps

As a Sales Manager or hiring manager, it is your duty to find new sales reps who are promising and destined to bring success to your company, beyond just sales skills. And if you’re like most hiring managers, you may have spent hours weeding through resumes, cover letters, references, etc. for a number of sales candidates. You have pared your list down to a handful of superstar candidates and now comes the time to prepare for the interview. With such fabulous candidates on your docket, it can feel a bit overwhelming to ensure that the interviews go without a hitch,
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Intent young recruiter remotely identifying and hiring top female candidate with assistance of artificial intelligence. HR concept for cyber sourcing via social network, skill assessment, HR, rating.
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

How to Attract and Retain Top Sales Talent

When looking to hire top sales talent, you need to be looking for Drive. But keep in mind many highly-skilled salespeople are looking to be a part of a talented sales team as well. To improve your sales team, you not only need strong individuals, but people who can work together to bring your company’s sales to the next level. Once you have identified incoming candidates who can really make a difference, do you know how to attract them effectively? The Search Is Only Half the Battle Recruiting is not a seasonal job. Many sales managers understand that to get
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