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SalesDrive is looking for partners who share our passion for helping companies build high-performance sales teams with science-based hiring, consulting and training. Join the SalesDrive Partner Network and leverage the DriveTest® to:

  • – Help your clients build and develop outstanding sales teams.
  • – Differentiate your services with measurable results and data.
  • – Generate significant recurring revenue for your business.

Through the use of our sales assessment, hiring resources, consulting tools and more, we equip you with the materials needed to maximize your clients’ sales and business strategies while elevating your consulting and training programs.

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It All Starts With Drive

It is important to understand Drive, in the context of sales. It is not a cliché. It is not about histrionics or obnoxious behavior. Drive is a highly researched innate personality characteristic which is a collective of three, non-teachable traits:

  1. Need for Achievement: The intense desire to attain excellence & accomplish challenging goals.
  2. Competitiveness: The unquenchable thirst to outperform one’s peers & win the customer over to their point of view.
  3. Optimism: The certainty and resiliency that cannot be denied.

The DriveTest® is the only sales assessment specifically designed to measure Drive. And Drive is proven to be the most critical trait for success in sales.

The DriveTest® assessment measures the non-teachable aptitude and teachable skills needed for success in sales. The Drive score indicates whether your client’s sales candidate has the potential to be a top producer.

In addition to the DriveTest® report, each assessment also includes a Production Builder™ developmental guide (at no additional charge). This additional resource is designed for use when training and developing new and current salespeople. This report provides tailored mentoring and coaching suggestions based on the individual’s unique personality profile.

Best Partner Match

Our program will be a great match if you:

  • – Are a sales consultant or advisor who helps companies with sales strategy.
  • – Are a sales trainer or sales coach.
  • Consult with companies relative to hiring salespeople.
  • – Are a sales recruiter.
  • Work with venture capitalists in helping early stage companies to build sales teams the right way.

We have outlined below a few Partner matches that would benefit from joining this program.

  • Sales Consultants/Advisors: The DriveTest® brings a structured and measurable program to the advisory process. Using the DriveTest® materially raises the odds that your clients will hire only high-aptitude salespeople that can be truly developed over time. The DriveTest® also provides data-driven benchmarks to determine where your clients’ current sales teams stand and where they need to go through targeted, rather than general, training and development.

  • Sales Trainers: One of the biggest challenges sales trainers face is being asked to develop salespeople when many of the people they are asked to train do not have the requisite aptitude to succeed. Instead trainers should consider using The DriveTest® & Production Builder™ to start from a position of knowing who will succeed in a Hunter role, who will succeed in a Farmer role and what precise development and training is needed per person.

  • Sales Recruiters: Those working for clients who want high-producing salespeople and the lowest turnover achievable should consider The DriveTest® as part of the hiring process. This unbiased, data-driven tool will add clarity to the candidate’s true potential and provide guidance moving forward.

Schedule a call now to learn more about the SalesDrive Partner Program and download our Program Details guide.

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Pairing Our Tools With Your Services

The SalesDrive Partner Program was designed to complement your services and help your clients implement better sales hiring and management processes:

  • – Attract high-potential sales talent
  • – Identify core aptitude and separate real producers from the pretenders
  • – Hire better salespeople
  • – Optimize the salesperson onboarding process
  • – Target sales training and development
  • – Reduce sales team turnover
  • – Grow sales revenue
  • – Manage a sales team effectively

Track Progress with Clear Metrics

Your clients want to measure your contribution and their investment in your work. They also want to see real results. Our Partner Program provides a simple but powerful, Drive Curve™ analysis that shows exactly how you will be guiding clients toward the ultimate goal of developing a high-Drive sales force.

To get started, you will establish a Drive Curve™ of talent by benchmarking your clients’ current teams. Over time, as only high-Drive salespeople are hired, the team’s Drive score will methodically improve moving the Drive Curve™ dramatically to the high-end of the spectrum.

This is a highly satisfying process and serves to dramatically reinforce your relationship with your clients over time.

Let’s Discuss Our Potential Partnership

The SalesDrive Partner Program was designed to be simple, yet robust, in allowing you to help your clients build and develop outstanding sales teams, while growing your own business and earning recurring revenue in the process.

To schedule a call to discuss our Partner Program, please click the button below. A calendar will appear with available days/times. Please select the best option for you. We look forward to working with you!

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