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Identify high-potential sales candidates prior to interviewing with our
sales aptitude test.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring Salespeople with Our Sales Aptitude Test


There are three core personality traits that all successful salespeople share: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism. Collectively, we refer to them as Drive.

More than 80 years of research and experience proves that Drive cannot be taught. People are born with it, and without the proper sales assessment test, it can be nearly impossible to identify.

The DriveTest™, our online assessment test for salespeople, measures Drive as well as other important personality traits needed for success in sales including Persuasiveness, Relationship Skills, Organization and Confidence. The DriveTest™ gives you the power to select and interview only hire-potential sales candidates.

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Build a Stronger Sales Team with The Production Builder©


The Production Builder© provides a revealing way to intercede and begin to build a new and improved sales team. This sales aptitude test measures your salespeople’s innate level of Drive and will provide suggestions based on each person’s unique personality profile. Review your sales team’s cumulative Drive score and learn how to improve production over time.

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Why We’re Different

  • 80+ Years of Research Back Our Sales Aptitude Test & Its Focus on Drive
  • Concentrated on the 3 Critical Traits for Success in Sales:
    Need for Achievement, Competitiveness & Optimism
  • Also Assesses Confidence, Relationship Skills, Organization & Persuasion
  • Uses a Forced-Choice Question Format, Making the Test Results Very Difficult to Fake
  • Consistency Scoring Flags Someone Who is Trying to Fake the Test
  • Available in 30+ Languages Worldwide