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The Free Trial Includes:

  • One complete DriveTest®, 20-25 minute online sales assessment
  • One complete DriveTest® Report, outlining the assessment results and suggested interview questions (Results are always sent to you)
  • A complimentary strategy session with Dr. Christopher Croner – Gain insight regarding how best to use the assessment to hire high performance salespeople
Not for personal salesperson development. Business use only. We do not provide practice assessments.
Correct Use of Trial: Have a salesperson or sales candidate take the assessment. (Simply forward the link.)
Wrong Use of Trial: Do not take the assessment as a manager, even if you were once a salesperson. You will likely receive mixed & confusing results. The assessment’s algorithm is calibrated to include the specific challenges & stress of full time sales. For example: you may be a high achiever but score low on Need for Achievement relative to sales because that is not currently your full time passion/mission.
Please note: The DriveTest® was validated based on North American high-performing salespeople and the free trial is available in English.

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