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  • After Trial: Schedule a complimentary Strategy Session with Dr. Chris Croner to discuss your specific hiring needs and goals.

For business use only. We do not provide practice assessments for personal development.

Recommended Use of Trial:
Have a salesperson or sales candidate take the assessment. Scoring is not calibrated for management roles.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The SalesDrive Assessment tool is an invaluable recruitment and selection tool that we use for our global sales team and has proven year after year a consistent data tool that aids our process tremendously. Dr. Chris and his team have developed a validated testing tool that is easy to use and processes results for our hiring managers to make well informed decisions.

Jay Driftmyer, HR Generalist, Master Chemical

I had always used intuition and emotional intelligence to vet out great salespeople and after a handful of ultra-mega successful businesspeople in a coaching program recommended the book “Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again” By Dr. Chris Croner, I was blown away. I immediately began to build the skills around interviewing, indirectly and directly, with potential salespeople to make much better hiring decisions. Coupling that with that actual DriveTest® has been a game changer. I can’t speak any more highly of SalesDrive testing with Dr. Chris Croner.

Amir Syed, VP of Residential Lending/Branch Manager, PERL Mortgage, Inc.

Since working with SalesDrive, our recruitment process has been more efficient and we finally have a measured tool that gives us very detailed information about the sales candidate; his personality, skills and ambition. Those three important pillars are essential to know if you want to hire the right employee for your company

Romy Tijssen, HR Manager, Proact Netherlands B.V.

At TranSystems’ we were able to use the DriveTest® to develop a custom profile for the Engineering and Professional Services Industry. Since our sales professionals are expected by most clients to also be an expert in an aspect of Engineering, finding that quintessential high-Drive sales professional is rare. The DriveTest® allows us to see if they fulfill a minimum requirement based on an internal standard we have benchmarked.

Shawn Richardson, Director of Organizational Development, Training and HR, Transystems


Please note: The DriveTest® was validated based on North American high-performing salespeople and the free trial is available in English.

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