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Trusted by Leading Companies: See Our Success Stories
Discover how The DriveTest® has helped other businesses like yours hire top-performing sales reps and boost their sales results.
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Our clients

Trusted by Leading Companies: See Our Success Stories

Discover how The DriveTest® has helped other businesses like yours hire top-performing sales reps and boost their sales results.

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Qvinci Software

See how SalesDrive helped Qvinci detect and hire the top-performing salespeople and address the ones that weren’t before they became an issue. 

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See how SalesDrive helped Renters Warehouse attract, engage, and retain their top sales talent.

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Client Testimonials

See what our happy clients have to say!

Mike Hudgins, VP of Sales

Mighty Auto Parts

“We used a sales test for years that was never updated and the results did not correlate to the candidates’ performance in the field. So, we began looking for a test that was more up-to-date, and tested purely salespeople, their ability to sell and be a “Hunter”. I found SalesDrive online and was intrigued by the detail and categories they measure with the DriveTest®. I watched their video and afterwards decided to test my sales team. Many came back as farmers, two came back as Hunter, which shows how rare and valuable Hunters are to the sales world. I now encourage our business partners (franchisees) to have their teams take the test, as well as any new hires to make sure that they have the right mix of Farmers and Hunters on their teams. The SalesDrive Test is a great way to aid in the hiring process and evaluate your team. It reinforces what you may have known all along, and thus will help you build a better team.”

Debra Varacalli, HR Manager


“Using SalesDrive as a tool, during the hiring process, has helped us spot Driven, goal-oriented people that are in it for the marathon and not the sprint”

Jay Driftmyer, HR Generalist

Master Chemical

“The SalesDrive Assessment tool is an invaluable recruitment and selection tool that we use for our global sales team and has proven year after year a consistent data tool that aids our process tremendously. Dr. Chris and his team have developed a validated testing tool that is easy to use and processes results for our hiring managers to make well informed decisions.”

Jeffrey Clair, EVP-Global Sales

Bollman Hat Company

“SalesDrive has very quickly helped us better understand the client’s capabilities and potential success in different sales positions. This test has been critical to us in looking for the elusive sales hunter. To those we have hired, the results of the test closely match to the subsequent performance.”

Ron Davidson, Dealer Development

Ram Jack Systems

“The DriveTest® is a critical element of the sales recruiting process for our franchisees, and dealers. It lets them size up a candidate quickly, and interview only those with a high potential for success.”

Shawn Richardson, Director of Organizational Development, Training and HR


“At TranSystems’ we were able to use the DriveTest® to develop a custom profile for the Engineering and Professional Services Industry. Since our sales professionals are expected by most clients to also be an expert in an aspect of Engineering, finding that quintessential high-Drive sales professional is rare. The DriveTest® allows us to see if they fulfill a minimum requirement based on an internal standard we have benchmarked.”

John Logan, Executive Vice President

Qvinci Software

“Qvinci Software is a high-growth SaaS company. It is challenging to identify high potential sales professionals who can effectively communicate with both technical and financial buyers. [The] DriveTest® has proven to greatly increase our ability to select the right candidates, avoiding the lost opportunity cost associated with hiring those who don’t produce to expectations. I highly recommend DriveTest® as a powerful hiring resource.”

TEGUAR Corporation Logo
Jonathan Staub, CEO

TEGUAR Corporation

“The SalesDrive test has helped us to identify what type of sales person we are interviewing and in the case of one person we hired, it confirmed that they would be better fit for the account manager role (farmer). It is a nice tool to help identify how we should proceed in hiring for a position.”

Snapfi logo
Rob Purnell, EVP Lending


“SalesDrive gives us a hard measure of a candidate’s fit that we’ve never had before. Now we spend our time on candidates with real potential and avoid hiring people that won’t succeed in a very competitive environment.”

Naseem Saloojee, VP Revenue

Top Hat

“The SalesDrive assessment has become an integral part of the way we screen and assess sales talent, helping us considerably improve the quality and performance of incoming hires.”

DexYP logo
Joe Gaasbeck, Senior Manager – Sales Training -Recruiting – Leadership Development


“Since partnering with SalesDrive, it has unified our metrics and standards in our recruiting process across our national footprint. The DriveTest® allows our training team to execute with a higher level of performance because the DriveTest® allows us to choose candidates with the unteachable characteristics, and that is Drive. In fact, our new hires outperform veteran reps, consistently quarter after quarter and we attribute a portion of that to hiring the candidates that have something inside of them that can’t be trained, and that is Drive.”

Thermo Manufacturing logo
Dan Owens, General Manager/VP of Sales & Marketing

Thermo Manufacturing Systems, LLC

“The cost of the DriveTest® is chump change compared to the cost of an underperforming salesperson.”

Walker Consultants logo
Steve Cebra, Senior VP

Walker Consultants

“Walker has been using the Production Builder™ and Sales DriveTest® for over ten years and find it to be an extremely valuable tool as we evaluate business development candidates. The accuracy of the results is amazing.”

Guaranteed Rate Logo
Amir Syed, Branch Manager/SVP of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate

“I read the book: Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again by Dr. Chris Croner after having it recommended to me by a successful business owner with over 1500 employees. It was so good that I personally reached out to Dr. Croner to ask more questions. Hiring is a skill and I was never formally trained on how to effectively qualify top salespeople. I can tell you that I averted thousands of dollars in lost resources by not hiring specific sales candidates through the use of the DriveTest® tool.”

PERL Mortgage, Inc. logo
Amir Syed, VP of Residential Lending/Branch Manager

PERL Mortgage, Inc.

“I had always used intuition and emotional intelligence to vet out great salespeople and after a handful of ultra-mega successful business people in a coaching program recommended the book “Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again” By Dr. Chris Croner, I was blown away. I immediately began to build the skills around interviewing, indirectly and directly, with potential salespeople to make much better hiring decisions. Coupling that with that actual DriveTest® has been a game changer. I can’t speak any more highly of SalesDrive testing with Dr. Chris Croner.”

Lightspeed logo
Kristina Bajjani, Human Resources Business Partner


“As a growing sales organization, hiring became increasingly difficult. Using SalesDrive allowed us to compare the target areas for success in the role, and also measure against our current pool of employees. It’s a simple tool that measures the right characteristics.”

Residential Mortgage Services, Inc. logo
Chip LeBlanc, Senior Vice President/Human Resources

Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.

“RMS has used the SalesDrive Assessment over 35 times to evaluate candidates for its Loan Advisor position. It has been a critical tool in assessing candidates drive to succeed and compete, their core skills, and what sort of sales role they are most comfortable with: Hunter or Farmer. We have used the [DriveTest®] Assessment and the Production Builder™ to effectively interview candidates. I would say we have made better hiring decisions utilizing this tool. RMS plans to continue using the DriveTest® going forward.”

The Alliance of M&A Advisors Logo
Diane Niederman, VP Alliances

The Alliance of M&A Advisors

“We have found the DriveTest® assessment to be an important tool in evaluating candidates for various job opportunities. It is a win/win for the company and the candidate in determining the optimal fit.”

Snacknation Logo
Lauren Delfino, Sr. Director of Sales


“I love SalesDrive! My previous SVP introduced me to it at my previous company and I have since implemented it in two other companies I have moved to. This is a great tool when you are building or scaling out a sales team. The people and hires are the most important decisions we can make, and this test empowers us to do that. We have been able to elevate the current team I oversee and top grade with talent!”

Proact Logo
Romy Tijssen, HR Manager

Proact Netherlands B.V.

“Since working with SalesDrive, our recruitment process has been more efficient and we finally have a measured tool that gives us very detailed information about the sales candidate; his personality, skills and ambition. Those three important pillars are essential to know if you want to hire the right employee for your company”

Willson International Limited Logo
Anne Marie McBride, Vice President Human Resources

Willson International Limited

“SalesDrive has been invaluable to us during the sales hiring cycle. It has helped us to identify strong candidates and ask the right questions. Almost always the assessments are accurate to a candidate’s persona and work ethic. We are very pleased with the service that SalesDrive offers and will continue to use its services.”

Traffic Tech, Inc. Logo
Mark Schiele, Vice President of Sales & Marketing USA

Traffic Tech, Inc.

“SalesDrive, LLC is a key component in the hiring process of Sales Professionals at Traffic Tech, Inc. I have used SalesDrive for many years to assist me in identifying the key personality traits of prospective candidates. SalesDrive assist you in making educated hiring decisions, while reducing the unnecessary expense of hiring the wrong candidate. I consider SalesDrive to be an invaluable resource.”

Marshall & Sterling Logo
Hope Still, Sales Executive Development Advisor

Marshall & Sterling, Inc.

“I could not be any happier with SalesDrive! The assessments are well designed, succinct, and give me insight into important characteristics that may not come across in the first interview. Dr. Croner, Miranda, and everyone at SalesDrive are incredibly helpful, friendly, and a pleasure to do business with. SalesDrive is an invaluable addition to our candidate selection process!”

Shelly Smith SPHR, Director of Human Resources


“The SalesDrive assessment has been instrumental for us here at Gibson in forming highly functioning, successful sales teams where all members play an integral role. It’s been invaluable to us!”

Sunbird Software Logo
Mike Gonski, Sales Director

Sunbird Software

“When Sunbird Software needed to quickly develop a team of professional inside and outside representatives, we depended on SalesDrive. We were able to quickly and easily screen candidates. We have found focus areas from evaluation results and suggested questions for interviewing extremely valuable.”

Compugen Inc. Logo
Steve Glover, President

Compugen Inc.

“As an early stage company, every sales hire is critical. SalesDrive is a useful tool in our arsenal to help determine whether sales candidates are true hunters and glass eaters. So far, it has been 100% reliable. We utilize SalesDrive with all candidates prior to in-person interviews.”

Compugen Inc. Logo
Joanna Bloch, HR and Benefits Consultant

Compugen Inc.

“The DriveTest® is a very useful tool for hiring salespeople. The results are easy to interpret and give hiring managers and HR interesting insights into characteristics of their potential hire.”

Eric Grossman, CEO

NextHealth Technologies

“As an early stage company, every sales hire is critical. SalesDrive is a useful tool in our arsenal to help determine whether sales candidates are true hunters and glass eaters. So far, it has been 100% reliable. We utilize SalesDrive with all candidates prior to in-person interviews.”

Mike Ray, Vice President of Sales

Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, Inc.

“Great tool! Chris has saved me countless hours of interview time and avoided many hires that most likely would not have been successful in the role. Big cost saving in the end!”

Brian Hunt, CEO

Kore1 Technologies

“I absolutely love this product! We have hired so many salespeople who would sell themselves in an interview but never lived up to expectations. SalesDrive has really helped us understand both who we have and who we need.”

Robert Beck, Managing Partner

Hahlbrock Digital Personalberatung GmbH

“When it comes to sales reps, the most important success factor is their personality. SalesDrive helps us look beneath the surface to evaluate if the candidate has the necessary ‘sales DNA’.”

Jeremy Tiffin, President & Managing Partner

Horizon Recruitment

“Recruiting for any role in a growing company can be a significant challenge but recruiting salespeople is likely the most challenging. SalesDrive and Dr. Chris Croner provide a level of insight and partnership that I haven’t seen matched elsewhere. Not only is the tool excellent so is the partnership and advisory you get when you work with SalesDrive. We began working with the tool at the beginning of 2017 and really value the insight, structure and 3rd party unbiased information we’re able to obtain. We have definitely been able to improve our overall hiring process by working with SalesDrive. The quality of our salespeople is a key strategic differentiator for us and SalesDrive helps us do a better job of selecting and coaching the right ones.”

Bruce Hohensee, President

Talent Driven Consulting

“Using the SalesDrive assessment has given us good insight on the natural strengths of our sales and business development candidates. The correlation between the assessments and the abilities of the candidates has been strong.”

Rick Seymour, CEO

CSI: Palm Beach

“The SalesDrive Assessment is a very accurate and cost-effective tool to hire the right sales professional. I highly recommend the service and the process prescribed by Dr. Croner.”

Douglas McCullough, Vice President – Brokerage

NAI Chase Commercial

“We have been using the SalesDrive test for our new agent hire for several years now. I’m amazed at the level of accurate prediction these tests have provided looking back! I highly recommend the DriveTest® for your next agent candidate.”

Rob Dinwiddie, Vice President – Leasing & Marketing

Landmark Properties, Inc.

“Landmark Properties began utilizing the DriveTest® as a pre-hire assessment for all new sales staff. What we’ve seen since implementing the assessment is that those who are exhibiting the best Drive scores are easily our best salespeople. We’re relying more heavily on the assessment as we are hiring now to give us that sense of certainty that we’re making the right move when bringing on a new sales team member.”

Hans Hansson, Principal

Starboard Commercial Real Estate

“Starboard has been using SalesDrive for a number of years now. So far, we have not had anyone disappoint us that has passed the test. For results that we do not understand Dr. Croner is always available for guidance.”

Matt Levin, Managing Principal

Equitable Commercial Realty

“We use SalesDrive as an effective tool to help in our interviewing/hiring process with new real estate brokers. The information provided is very informative and helpful.”

Bill Goldberg, CEO/Principal

Relevate Health Group

“Since working with SalesDrive, our recruitment process has been more efficient and we finally have a measured tool that gives us very detailed information about the sales candidate; his personality, skills and ambition. Those three important pillars are essential to know if you want to hire the right employee for your company”

Robert Heinz, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing

The Custom Companies, Inc.

“If you are looking to eliminate the fluff riff raff and just interview and hire the most Driven of all candidates, I highly recommend getting on board with SalesDrive and Dr. Chris Croner. As a manager and mentor of salespeople for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Dr. Croner made my life’s work of searching for the Top Performers a lot simpler. SalesDrive is the filter I use in business to locate and hire the very best of sales people, plain and simple.”

Michael Kelly, Director of Talent Acquisition

Express Locations

“We have been using the SalesDrive assessment for over 6 months and have found it to be a valuable addition to our process. The [DriveTest®] assessment gives us great insight into the Drive and sales potential of assessed candidates. When reviewed, addressed and used properly SalesDrive gives us real areas of focus to discuss with interviewees. Miranda Toops, Dr. Chris Croner and team are extremely supportive and respond to anything we need right away. They provide us great support, additional resources and tips, and have been a valuable part of our success with SalesDrive.”

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