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Never Hire A Bad Salesperson Again


**New, Updated, Second Edition Available Now!**

Underperforming salespeople are perhaps the greatest cause of frustration to sales executives and financial loss to business owners. The cost of hiring and keeping a bad salesperson can range from six to seven figures annually. To make matters worse, many companies waste money by trying to train sales skills in people who will never improve.

Research shows that the most important factor for success in sales is a person’s Drive – the inner fire that ultimately determines if they will thrive or fail. This critical trait is hardwired by adulthood, and cannot be improved with sales training. The job interview process must accurately evaluate Drive to identify those with this core personality trait.

Research also shows that Drive is one of the toughest traits for interviewers to rate and one of the easiest traits for candidates to fake. Unfortunately, many sales managers hire based heavily on gut instinct. Thus, they are severely disappointed later. This new, second edition of Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again, provides:

  • Updated psychological research behind the three elements of Drive: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism
  • A comprehensive and valid hiring process for selecting top performers from recruiting to onboarding
  • And powerful, new hiring tools and worksheets including:
    • A guide for writing job ads that attract producers
    • Behavioral Interview Planning Form and more than 50 behavioral interview questions
    • New Salesperson Onboarding Guide . . . and more!
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Praise for Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again:

Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again is required reading for all of my sales leaders. When we hire, we reference your book. All of our final candidates must have examples of Drive before we hire them. Just want to take a moment to say thank you and let you know that what I’ve learned from you has stayed with me throughout my career and is being passed on to a next generation of sales leaders.”

– Edwin D. Robles Jr., Head of Higher Education Sales – East Division

Cengage Learning

“I read over 100 books on sales effectiveness a year and this book can save you and your company tens of thousands of dollars by preventing hiring mistakes. Most sales managers hire salespeople that are likeable and who can sell themselves. They think, “If he or she can sell me, they can sell anybody.” Unfortunately, these salespeople often fall short because they only perform well when it comes to telling you what you want to hear. I like this book for three reasons.

  1. The authors are top professionals in the field
  2. The book focuses on the salesperson’s “drive” to succeed, the “fire in the belly.”
  3. The authors give you a smart interviewing guide that allows you to look “under the hood” so you can find out what drives that person to win. It’s a great little GPS for sales success, and a lot cheaper.”

– Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder and Publisher

Selling Power

“This book really resonates with me as CEO. It offers solid conclusions from strong research, and a no-nonsense guide to separating the pretenders from potential sales providers in the selection process. We have gone on to use the DriveTest® referenced in the book and it has raised our selection game significantly. I highly recommend this as an important new resource for all hiring managers.”

– Kevin Cushing, CEO

AlphaGraphics, Inc.

“I’m Vice President of Sales for a stainless steel manufacturer, and have found this book very helpful in our sales hiring process. The book has given us a solid strategy to make sure we hire only those with the potential to be top producers. The interview techniques were easy to use and very revealing. I recommend the book to anyone who wants to hire “hunters” to grow their business.”

– Deb Benning, Vice President of Sales

Ace Metal Crafts Co.

“Recruiting and building a high performance sales team may be one of the most challenging aspects of any sales leader’s responsibilities. If you have ever hired a salesperson who made you believe they were great only to find out that they were below average performers 9 months later, buy this book. It’s a quick read that provides practical advice and clever techniques for accurately predicting who will succeed and who will fail. I have been using Dr. Croner’s methods and tools for more than a year in my recruiting efforts and they have proven very useful in identifying the charlatans and confirming the real stars. Without a doubt this is the best business book I have read in a very long time. A must-read for sales professionals who need to build the best team they possibly can.”

– Don Lazzari, Vice President of Sales

Vocollect Healthcare

“Salespeople have tremendous impact on the fortunes of an enterprise. Croner and Abraham have provided an eminently practical guide that will prove invaluable to anyone looking to build top-performing sales staff.”

– Thomas Gruenwald, Vice President

Strategic Resources for Tellabs

“When it comes to hiring salespeople, the cost of failure is simply unforgivable. There’s no one better to provide direction on reducing that risk than Dr. Croner. Buy this book. Read it. Use it.”

– Tammy Bitterman, Founder and Managing Partner

The Acceleration Group

“Croner and Abraham have written the only practical and readable book I have found on this critical topic. A compelling blend of spicy prose and scientific rigor, I could not put this book down. Their core focus on “drive” is relevant even for sales positions that are strategic or relationship-based. Given that sales managers will reject anything that is overly complex or too academic, they will find these formulas to ring true, and will look at their sales team with a fresh, critical eye. Most importantly, here are practical ideas that can be put to use immediately. As an industrial psychologist who has worked in this field for 20 years, this book is the real deal.”

– Neil T. Witmer, Ph.D.

Principal, Witmer & Associates

“If you are responsible for recruiting salespeople, buy this book. It will save you a lot of stress and hassle in the interview process. I learned exactly what to say, and, more importantly, what not to say, to make sure I get the most accurate read on a candidate. This book has sharpened my approach and accuracy.”

– Gary Napotnik, Managing Director

HDJ & Associates Inc.

“Improving sales force productivity is one of the most powerful drivers of organic growth and share gain. This book provides managers with valuable tools to impact this issue early – at the time of hiring.”

– Ross Rosenberg, Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

Danaher Corporation

“Abraham and Croner have really hit the mark with this book. A good deal of the book deals with the hiring process, but they also offer great tips and ideas on how to assess your current sales team. It is an easy and quick read with many simple “do this; it works” types of ideas. Every new sales manager and every small business owner should make this a must read! Hard to believe so much could be packed into 142 pages!”

– Mark Burrall, Principal

Burrall Associates

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