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The DriveTest®

Take the guesswork out of the sales hiring process. Our sales assessment, The DriveTest®, saves you time and money by identifying high-performance candidates in the sales population early on.

Our sales-focused assessment was designed to evaluate the non-teachable personality traits, as well as practical sales skills needed for sales success. The DriveTest® sales assessment technology has been scientifically validated and proven to predict sales performance as it correlates to total revenue achieved. Our sales assessment has an accuracy rating of more than 70% when combined with the Drive Behavioral Interview.

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How Our Sales Personality Test Works

The DriveTest® helps you identify whether your sales candidates have the most critical personality trait needed to succeed in sales. Identifying Drive prior to the interview allows you to spend your time on only highly-qualified salespeople. Drive consists of three non-teachable personality traits. Our test saves you time by identifying these before the interview, giving you the ability to uncover your candidate’s true potential and current sales skills.

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Sales Assessment Product Features

Our sales-focused assessment was designed with your busy schedule in mind. The DriveTest® helps identify high-performance salespeople who fall into the top 20% of the sales population. Our sales personality test takes 20 minutes to complete, with 42 forced-choice questions. In addition to Drive scores, you will receive interview questions, personalized development and training guide and complimentary consulting with a clinical sales psychologist.

Improve Your Sales Hiring

The Sales Hiring Process

Our sales hiring process is here to help you take the guesswork out of hiring a salesperson. Administering a sales personality test early in the hiring process will help you to identify high-performance candidates. The SalesDrive process is made up of simple to understand hiring steps designed to assist you in establishing the best hiring process possible. Our hiring process is patented and backed by science.

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Personality Test Sample Reports

Our personality test measures and scores candidates on a scale ranging from one to five. These scores indicate whether your sales candidates have the core potential to be a high-producing ‘hunter’ salesperson. Our test results are color-coded, easy to interpret, and include behavioral interview questions designed to help you with the interview process.

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Affordable Sales Assessment Pricing

We offer different pricing models designed for your company’s specific needs. Whether you need a one-time assessment or are interested in a subscription, we are happy to work with you to find an option that best fits your needs when it comes to hiring sales reps. Our goal is to save you both time and money during your hiring process, resulting in hiring high-performing salespeople and increased salesperson retention.

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