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Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring Salespeople With Our Online Sales Test


The DriveTest® is an online sales test that identifies whether your sales candidates have the most critical personality trait needed for success at sales: Drive.

Drive is the passion and determination that causes top producing salespeople to be relentless in their quest for success.

Identifying Drive prior to hiring allows you to interview only high-potential candidates.

Drive is made up of three non-teachable personality traits. Your candidate either has these traits or he/she doesn’t, and testing for these traits, prior to hiring, will save you both time and money.

  1. Need for Achievement: The intense desire to attain excellence & accomplish challenging goals.
  2. Competitiveness: The unquenchable thirst to outperform one’s peers & win the customer over to his point of view.
  3. Optimism: The certainty and resiliency that cannot be denied.

The DriveTest® sales assessment measures each of these three elements, and combines them into a total Drive score ranging from 1-5. This score indicates whether your sales candidate has the potential to be a top producer.

  • If the sales test score is a 1 or 2: The candidate is not hardwired to be a successful “hunter” salesperson. Don’t waste your time or money on interviewing this candidate.
  • If the sales test score is a 3: Let’s take a deeper look at this candidate. There are several behavioral interview questions you can ask to gauge if this candidate is built for long-term sales success.
  • If the sales test score is 4 or 5: The candidate has the necessary personality makeup for success as a “hunter” salesperson. Bring him in for a behavioral interview to see if he will be a good fit for your company and the open position.

The DriveTest® Difference

The DriveTest® is the only online sales test that heavily weights the three elements of Drive: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism, making it a powerful screening tool.

In addition, The DriveTest® also measures other traits that are important for successful selling including Confidence, Persuasiveness, Relationship Skills and Organization.


The Psychology Behind The DriveTest®

The DriveTest® questions use a Forced-Choice format, which requires the sales candidate to choose which statement is most like him and which statement is least like him. Furthermore, the candidate must choose between three options that sound equally positive, making this employment screening more difficult for someone to fake.

Sample DriveTest® Questions

The DriveTest® also includes a Consistency scale, which warns you if the candidate responds inconsistently, or attempts to fake the test.


View a Sample Report

Getting Started with The DriveTest®

  1. Contact Us

    When you are ready to get started with testing, simply contact us to get your SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard account established. Account setup requires one business day. Once your account is complete, an assessment specialist will send you login information and a user guide. Assessments are then administers by you from your personal dashboard.

  2. Take The DriveTest® Online

    The assessment is taken online and requires about 20 minutes to complete. It may be completed at home or at the office. The assessment is mobile-friendly.

  3. Receive Assessment Results

    When your candidate finishes the online sales assessment test, you will receive email notification that the results are ready to be viewed. Results are available on the SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard. The DriveTest® report provides a starting point for understanding the high leverage variables important to selling successfully, but it must be applied in context to be maximized as a hiring tool and training guide going forward. Now combining your sales assessment results with a powerful behavioral interview, like The Drive Interview® is critical to your sales hiring success.


Since incorporating The DriveTest® as part of our pre-employment screening process, our organization has been better equipped to identify and hire talent. The DriveTest® helps us pinpoint key characteristics of a successful sales person that may be overlooked in the normal interview process. We utilize The DriveTest® at a global level and have consistently found the results to be useful and applicable for all of our sales positions.

Kristen Bodo, Human Resources Manager Veeam Software Corporation

The DriveTest® is a critical element of the sales recruiting process for our franchisees, and dealers. It lets them size up a candidate quickly, and interview only those with a high potential for success.

Ron Davidson, Dealer Development Ram Jack Systems

SalesDrive’s sales assessment tests offer very helpful guidance in our sales candidate hiring process. We have been very pleased not only with the testing process but also with SalesDrive’s dedication to customer service and ongoing support.

Kelly Wittrock, PHRTalent Acquisition Manager Verifications, Inc.