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Questions about The DriveTest®

What is The DriveTest®?

The DriveTest® is our online sales test designed to help you objectively identify and hire high-performance salespeople. The DriveTest® measures the most critical personality trait shared by all top-producing salespeople: Drive. Drive is made up of three non-teachable traits: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism. This core aptitude is required for success in sales and The DriveTest® will tell you whether your candidate has this aptitude or not before hiring, saving you time and money.

What makes The DriveTest® different from other sales tests?

The key differentiator of The DriveTest® is our intensive focus on the three (3) non-teachable, research-based personality traits essential for success as a Hunter salesperson: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism; collectively known as Drive. We also measure other core skills such as Confidence, Persuasiveness, Relationship Skills and Organization.

Our forced-choice format makes our test unique in that it asks candidates to select a statement that is most like them and a statement that is least like them from three, equally positive statements. This forces the candidate to make some tough decisions and gives you a clear picture of their true intentions. The assessment also includes a built-in Consistency Scale, which provides a warning on the results if your candidate responds inconsistently or attempts to fake the test.

Our sales test was designed specifically for sales roles and does not focus on any other type of position. Learn More

What is the best way to use The DriveTest®?

For best results, we recommend having applicants take The DriveTest® as early in the sales hiring process as possible, ideally before the in-person interview, to ensure you are focusing only on candidates with the highest potential. The DriveTest® is like a consumer report, it tells you “Buyer beware!” Be sure to address any red flags revealed by the assessment during your interview. By doing so, you will be much more powerful as an interviewer. 

How do I interpret the test results?

The DriveTest® report is easy to read and interpret. The results are presented using a 1 to 5 rating and color-coded scale.

If the Drive score is a 1 or 2 (red): this candidate is not fit to be a successful salesperson. Don’t waste the time or money interviewing this person.

If the Drive score is a 3 (yellow): take a deeper look into this candidate. Ask behavioral questions during the interview process to gauge whether they are built for long-term success.

If the Drive score is a 4 or 5 (green): this candidate has the core aptitude to be a “hunter” salesperson. Invite this person in for a behavioral interview to see if they are a good fit for the company and open position.

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How much does The DriveTest® cost?

We have two pricing models: a pay-per-use option and a monthly subscription option. For more information and to request a quote, please click here.

We also offer one free assessment per company so you can experience the test before committing to anything. Click here to request a free trial.

Is the DriveTest® validated?

Yes. We conducted a full validation study as part of assessment development. The DriveTest® was validated based on North American high-performing salespeople and we have consistently found it to be strongly predictive of sales performance. The DriveTest® Technical Manual is available upon request.

How long does it take to complete The DriveTest®?

The assessment consists of 42 questions and most complete it in about 20 minutes.

Can I give The DriveTest® to my current salespeople?

Yes. The DriveTest® is designed for evaluating sales candidates and current salespeople. However, when reviewing the results, turn your focus to the Production Builder Report instead of the DriveTest® Report. The Production Builder Report is our developmental guide used for evaluating and managing current salespeople and it is included with your assessment purchase at no additional charge.

How do I get started with The DriveTest®?

Establishing a SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard account so you can administer assessments is easy. To create your account, please visit our Account Set-up Form here and complete the two steps listed. Subscriptions require an agreement. If you are interested in a SalesDrive Subscription, please email so we can generate an agreement for your review.

Accounts are ready within one (1) business day. Assessments are then administered by you from the SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard.

What do I do if a candidate asks me for their test results?

This article, published by Michael Mercer, Ph.D., explains why we recommend that you do not share the results with your candidates, and provides a useful protocol.

Free Trial Questions

What is included in the free trial?

Our free trial offers:

  • – One complete DriveTest® assessment (same as the paid version, $320 value)
  • – The DriveTest® Report (for sales hiring)
  • – The Production Builder Report (for tailored training and mentoring)
  • – Complimentary Strategy Session with Dr. Chris Croner, Sales Psychologist

Why do you recommend that I give the trial to a salesperson or candidate?

Our sales test is scored based upon the universe of full-time salespeople, rather than presidents, managers or senior executives. So, when someone in a management role takes the test, we remind them that managers often test very differently than salespeople.

For example, on Need for Achievement (a highly weighted variable), we are looking for salespeople who are striving for career advancement, whereas managers and senior executives are typically already near or at the top of the organization.

If you would like to review the test personally, we ask that you please keep in mind the above caveats and know that the scores may not accurately reflect your personality and career goals.

My top salesperson took the trial and did not score high on Drive. Why?

It is not uncommon for current, high producers to occasionally record average to low Drive scores. Keep in mind that your top producer is being selected from a very small database, that is, your own company. If your top producer is lagging behind the industry leading top performers, they might not score high in Drive. Remember, your goal is to recruit and hire people who score high in Drive against the world, not just against salespeople in your own company.

Troubleshooting & Support

Where do I go to access my account?

To access your SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard account, please visit:

I need help with my account login.

Please contact to obtain your login information.

Where can I find the SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard User Guide?

For our complete Dashboard User Guide, please visit:

My candidate didn’t receive the invitation email to complete the test?

Occasionally, the assessment email will get caught in the candidate’s spam or junk folder. You have a few options when this occurs:

  • – Ask your candidate to check their spam/junk folder
  • – Send a reminder via the Dashboard
  • – Copy the link and send it directly (see User Guide for instruction.)

If you need additional assistance, please contact

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