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Sales Management

Open-Ended Questions Sales Reps Should Ask Customers to Improve Sales

As someone in sales management, you know that a salesperson must ask effective, open-ended questions when talking to a customer. It is the only way they can get the customer talking and uncover the information necessary to close the sale. However, if your salespeople ask the wrong open-ended questions, they may end up wasting time and failing to gain any insight. This can be one of the top reasons why your sales team is not successful. So what questions can your salespeople ask their customers to improve sales? Keep reading and you will learn 8 questions your salespeople can ask that
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Intent young recruiter remotely identifying and hiring top female candidate with assistance of artificial intelligence. HR concept for cyber sourcing via social network, skill assessment, HR, rating.
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

How to Attract and Retain Top Sales Talent

When looking to hire top sales talent, you need to be looking for Drive. But keep in mind many highly-skilled salespeople are looking to be a part of a talented sales team as well. To improve your sales team, you not only need strong individuals, but people who can work together to bring your company’s sales to the next level. Once you have identified incoming candidates who can really make a difference, do you know how to attract them effectively? The Search Is Only Half the Battle Recruiting is not a seasonal job. Many sales managers understand that to get
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Sales Manager Facing Challenges
Sales Management

The Biggest Challenges of First-Time Sales Managers & How to Overcome Them

Congratulations, you are now a Sales Manager! It is now time to cultivate the necessary skills to lead a sales team of your own. As a first-time Sales Manager, you will likely experience a steep learning curve. Do you sometimes feel as though you are expected to already know the ins and outs of this new role?  Does it seem like you are working harder than ever, without seeing results?  If so, you are not alone. Keep reading to learn about the top five challenges of first-time sales managers, and how to overcome them to lead your team more effectively—starting
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salespeople actively listening during sales calls
Sales Management

The Sales Manager’s Guide to Teaching Active Listening to Salespeople

At SalesDrive, we focus on how to effectively hire sales reps for your company. While our goal is to help you find salespeople that possess Drive and ambition, we also understand that there are other skills that matter. At the top of this list is listening. Let us take a look at the importance of active listening — what it is, how you can identify good listeners and avoid poor ones. If your salespeople are not skilled listeners, their sales will suffer – there is no doubt about it. That is because customers do not want to feel like they
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motivated sales team
Sales Management

How to Motivate Your Sales Team

Salespeople tend to have a reputation for being confident and bold, with big personalities. Managers sometimes approach sales teams with apprehension because they assume people with big personalities will be difficult to work with, but that is not usually the case. While it is true that many salespeople tend to be bold and confident, it is important to recognize that the characteristics necessary for success in sales can appear on sales aptitude test results for introverted candidates as well as extroverted candidates. From a management perspective, there is not one perfect formula for motivating sales teams, but there are several
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video conferencing on a computer
Sales Management

How to Run an Efficient Online Sales Meeting

With many employees working from home, businesses have turned to virtual meetings to keep everyone connected. Since most businesses use face-to-face meetings, running a sales meeting online means some shifting in tactics to keep it productive. That is why it is essential to know how to run an efficient online sales meeting. After all, you want to accomplish your meeting goals and keep everyone engaged. It is essential to continue turning the wheels of business and stay connected to your team. But how do you run an efficient online sales meeting? How to Run an Online Sales Meeting It turns
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