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motivated sales team
Sales Management

How to Motivate Your Sales Team

Salespeople tend to have a reputation for being confident and bold, with big personalities. Managers sometimes approach sales teams with apprehension because they assume people with big personalities will be difficult to work with, but that is not usually the case. While it is true that many salespeople tend to be bold and confident, it is important to recognize that the characteristics necessary for success in sales can appear on sales aptitude test results for introverted candidates as well as extroverted candidates. From a management perspective, there is not one perfect formula for motivating sales teams, but there are several
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video conferencing on a computer
Sales Management

How to Run an Efficient Online Sales Meeting

With many employees working from home, businesses have turned to virtual meetings to keep everyone connected. Since most businesses use face-to-face meetings, running a sales meeting online means some shifting in tactics to keep it productive. That is why it is essential to know how to run an efficient online sales meeting. After all, you want to accomplish your meeting goals and keep everyone engaged. It is essential to continue turning the wheels of business and stay connected to your team. But how do you run an efficient online sales meeting? How to Run an Online Sales Meeting It turns
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girl sitting at desk head in her hands
Sales Management

How to Keep Sales Team Morale Up While Working Remotely

Keeping sales team morale high is crucial for any business, whether the team works remotely, on the road or on-site. The truth is, most people are not happy with their jobs. On top of that sobering fact, sales jobs are tough. It takes thick skin and dogged perseverance to succeed. Keeping sales team morale high is one of the most profitable pursuits you can undertake for your organization, but boosting morale for remote workers presents its own unique set of challenges. The first half of this article will cover the fundamentals of sales team motivation. Properly set up systems can
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man sitting at his laptop near window
Sales Management

5 Challenges Your Sales Team May Be Facing While Working Remotely

Working remotely might sound like an ideal situation for most people. However, anyone who has had the privilege of working from home knows that it comes with its own set of challenges. There is the issue of remote colleagues and co-working spaces. Most remote workers find a way to make it work, but all agree there are steep learning and adjustment curves. As a sales manager, it is your job to uncover problems before they negatively impact your sales team’s performance. A few common problems and situations will undoubtedly crop up among your sales team. Make sure you nip them
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Back view of business woman talking to colleagues in video call
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

How to Hire and Manage a Remote Sales Team

As businesses increasingly adopt a work-from-home model, hiring managers and recruiters need to identify candidates who will thrive without direct supervision.  This challenge is particularly acute when hiring and managing salespeople, who must remain disciplined and productive while working remotely, despite the natural rejection and setbacks that come with sales.  To overcome this challenge, you need to find candidates with one of the most important predictors of success in sales . . . Need for Achievement. Most Important Trait for a Remote Salesperson to Have Need for Achievement is a person’s desire to pursue excellence for its own sake.  A
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Sales Management

7 Daily Habits of Highly Effective Sales Managers

As a sales manager, you know that your job is not an easy one. What you may not realize is that your effectiveness as a leader can make or break your sales team. You face quite a bit of pressure every day to perform, but you must still come in to work ready to lead your sales team to success. Otherwise, their results may suffer, high turnover in the sales department is likely and your job and reputation as a sales manager could be in danger. Do not let that happen. Instead, ask yourself: How can I be a better
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