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When is the Best Time to Use Sales Testing in the Recruitment Process?

Testing is used by a variety of industries to vet initial prospects before a formal interview process begins. Highly technical fields may require a proficiency test that includes knowledge of theory and application. Other candidates in fields that involve significant hands on work may require dexterity testing. Sales fields rely on psychological sales assessment tests to determine if sales candidates have the necessary personality traits needed for success in sales. Administer a Sales Assessment Early in the Hiring Process The most effective time to implement a sales assessment test is after a resume review and an initial phone screen, but
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The Importance of Evaluating Your Current Employees

Obviously we are advocates of the combination of a thorough sales assessment test followed by a rigorous in-person behavioral interview for maximum results for new hires. Together, they yield high predictability for sales success within your company. But what about current employees? If we want all our new hires to test high in Drive, should we not hold the same standard for current salespeople? The Importance of Evaluating Your Current Employees was last modified: February 12th, 2013 by SalesDrive, LLC
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What are the Costs of Not Applying a Sales Assessment Test?

Each company applies its own metrics, but all agree that the cost of recruiting, training and managing a non-performing salesperson is incredibly expensive. Our clients’ costs for a bad hire range from around $50,000 all the way up to $1.2M in the case of a high net worth financial adviser, and that is for ONE BAD HIRE! Here is a way to calculate your own benchmark. So, much of this comes down to screening candidates before they get a chance to enter the system, because once they are in there, they begin wasting time and money at an extraordinary rate. Next
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Why Sales Personality Test Work
Sales Assessments

Why Personality Testing Works to Evaluate Sales Candidates

Many companies offer psychometric testing. These range from personality tests to verbal communication demonstrations. The goal of all of these tests are the same. They are trying to identify the most important personality characteristics required for a job or task. This can be complicated because the traits needed to succeed, like attitude or intelligence, are difficult to quantify. Measurements like strength or endurance are easy to measure in athletes, but in salespeople the practice can be much trickier. It takes a well-designed test to accurately assess the best sales candidates. Desired Qualities in Salespeople Why does personality testing work so
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