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How to Run an Effective Sales Meeting

Let’s face it: virtually no one looks forward to company meetings. This is especially true for your salespeople – meetings take away valuable time that they could be selling and most attendees leave those meetings without the feeling that they learned something new or that it was a productive use of their time. Even if you have been a sales manager for a while and perhaps even consider yourself an expert at holding productive sales meetings, chances are there is still a lot of room for improvement. So how can you improve your sales meetings to make them even more
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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Next Sales Meeting is a Success

If you have ever held a sales meeting before, you know that salespeople are not always thrilled to attend. And it is easy to understand why they might feel that way. If they are not selling, then they are not making money, and they know that your meeting is a non-sales activity. They may also assume that your meeting is going to take up more of their time than it should and walk into the meeting with a negative attitude as a result.   Do not let that happen – if you do, it is highly likely that your salespeople
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