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Is Cold Call Reluctance a Sign of a Bad Salesperson?

In the world of sales recruitment, businesses are constantly trying to find the candidates that are most likely to successfully close sales and outperform their competitors. Unfortunately, many companies find out too late that their current sales hiring methods fall short when it comes to finding sales candidates who can really perform well in their sales environment. Some companies like to interview and test for cold call reluctance. They theorize that if a person is shy about making calls, he or she should not be selling for a living. However sales is about more than just cold calling, so this conclusion
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Can a Motivational Speech Increase Drive in Your Salespeople?

Companies often include motivational speakers in their training systems, and a good motivational speaker can spark some fresh thinking and bring energy into the program. However, these speeches will not be a cure-all for your sales team. Unfortunately, even the most inspiring motivational speakers cannot transform a low-Drive person into a high-Drive person. Since only 15% of the general population actually have the skills necessary to succeed in sales, it is imperative to manage your expectations ahead of time. Can a Motivational Speech Increase Drive in Your Salespeople? was last modified: August 1st, 2013 by SalesDrive, LLC
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Be Wary of “One Size Fits All” Sales Training

Often sales managers bring in sales trainers and make it mandatory for everyone to attend.  And often the outcome is disappointing . . . not only are a good percentage of the salespeople, who attend, busy reading text messages and tuned out, but after the time and money is spent there is no noticeable change in behavior.  Usually the reason for this breakdown is that different salespeople have different needs, so a salesperson who is already adept at persuasion is going to be bored stiff at a persuasion seminar, while the well-organized salesperson will perceive a time management seminar as
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Low Drive Salesperson
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Can You Train a Low-Drive Salesperson to “Hunt” Successfully?

The answer, for the most part, is “No.” A lot of data now shows that almost all successful salespeople who are asked to go out and develop new business share the innate personality characteristic psychologists call “Drive.” Learn why low-Drive salespeople could be hurting your sales and how to find the right high-Drive salespeople.   Importance of Drive in Sales Drive consists of sub-characteristics including Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism that cannot be taught beyond adolescence. We each develop these characteristics by early adulthood through a combination of our inborn characteristics and the circumstances of our upbringing.   The
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