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Sales Strategies

Is Your Sales Team Equipped With the Right Knowledge?

Did you know that 40% of salespeople cannot understand a customer’s pain? When a customer comes with a problem, sales reps panic and end up giving the first option that comes to their mind, which can prove to be a disaster if their solution addresses a problem which the customer did not even have. There are many factors that salespeople do not control but the failure or success of a sales rep is mostly dependent on the level of preparedness and constant adaptation to the dynamic sales environment. Being the Founder/Head of Sales of the organization, one question you need
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Sales Management

How to Help Your Team Break Through Their Top 3 Sales Barriers

As a Sales Manager, you want things to run smoothly for your sales team. Unfortunately, there are several barriers that may get in the way of your salespeople’s success. But as with many challenges, there are ways around (or even through) them if you have a plan of attack. With that in mind, here are three sales barriers you may encounter and how you can lead your team past these obstacles. 3 Common Barriers to Your Sales Team’s Success 1.   The Fear of Being Rejected One of the most common barriers for salespeople (and many other people) is the fear
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Sales Management

4 Frequent Struggles For Sales Teams and How to Fix Them

Is your sales team dealing with poor sales performance? If so, then you are probably scrambling for answers on how to overcome obstacles that are dragging your team’s productivity down. But what is the first step in trying to solve the age-old problem of struggling sales reps? The first thing you must do is find the root of your team’s struggles. 4 Common Sales Team Struggles 1.   Poor Sales Planning Paul Meyer, founder of Success Motivation Institute, once said, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” With
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hacks to boost performance
Sales Management

4 Sales Performance-Enhancing Hacks to Boost Your Business

With how fast the sales world is moving, sales performance hacks are more necessary than ever before. There are always new competitors popping up as well as new products similar to your own that are being marketed differently. And that is why it is so important to find and utilize any advantages that will help your team save time and become more efficient at their daily tasks. So to help your sales team continue to improve and evolve, here are 4 performance-enhancing hacks. Our Top Sales Performance Hacks 1.   Chew gum Sure, chewing gum is great for keeping your breath
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salespeople sleeping through training
Sales Training

4 Unexpected Reasons Your Sales Training is Putting Your Salespeople to Sleep

Having a well-trained sales team is integral to the success of your company, and thus should be a major focus of your work. Unfortunately, sometimes your efforts are not fruitful and you find your sales team not reaching their full potential. If you have noticed a dip in your team’s performance lately, it could be because your sales training is ineffective or even…downright boring. And there is nothing worse than trying to train a group of individuals who do not connect with your training strategies. How You May Be Leading Your Sales Team to Count Sheep Instead of Sales In
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Sales Management

6 Common Pain Points for Salespeople and How to Solve Them

As a sales manager, director or VP, you may occasionally struggle to determine what is stopping your salespeople from meeting your standards. You want your sales team to succeed, but you might be wondering: “Is my team reaching their full potential?” “What is stopping them from being more productive or closing more sales?” With that in mind, let us talk about 6 common pain points for your salespeople, and along the way, we will also discuss tactics and sales training ideas you can use to help them overcome those pain points. Biggest Pain Points for Your Salespeople 1. Spending too
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