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Salespeople Who CAN Sell vs. Those Who WILL Sell

It’s a million dollar difference. There are many salespeople who can sell. They have the intelligence, the wits and the charisma. But there are far, far less salespeople who will sell, in a sustained way, over time. The difference? Drive. Salespeople Who CAN Sell vs. Those Who WILL Sell was last modified: September 18th, 2014 by SalesDrive, LLC
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What Questions Should I Ask in a Salesperson Phone Screen?

After reviewing sales candidate resumes, hiring managers often add a phone screen to determine whether to move the candidate forward into the testing and interviewing process. This 20-30 minute phone call helps bring the candidate’s resume to life and provides some excellent clues about whether he or she has the characteristics the company is seeking. Since the time is short, hiring managers often wonder about the best questions to ask. Here is a salesperson phone screen protocol, we use and recommend, to help you determine whether a candidate is likely to be successful in the testing and interviewing process.  What Questions Should
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How Do You Identify Drive in Sales Candidates?

We now know through research that most successful salespeople are high in Drive. Now the obvious question is, “How can I be sure when I hire my next sales recruit that he or she has this key personality trait?” Identifying Drive before hiring is critical to ensure that your investment in training, mentoring and deployment will produce the return on investment you expect and deserve. Weeding Out the Bad Seeds A bad salesperson is like a stubborn weed in your garden. It insists on stealing valuable time and resources that could be spent on more vital and productive plants. The
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