September 18, 2014

It’s a million dollar difference.salesperson reading

There are many salespeople who can sell. They have the intelligence, the wits and the charisma. But there are far, far less salespeople who will sell, in a sustained way, over time. The difference? Drive.

Hiring for Drive

A good analogy might be a singer who has a good voice but has neither the grit to practice nor the constitution to handle the inevitable rejection that occurs in the entertainment world. Almost all famous entertainers will tell you they went to dozens and dozens of auditions before they broke through.  But the rejection did not deter them from their goals.

They will also tell you that there is very little difference between the quality of their talent and thousands of others who have never been discovered. The difference . . . they never gave up!

Make the Sales Interview Count

This makes interviewing for salespeople really hard because many sales candidates can deliver one, great pitch . . . to you  . . . the hiring manager.

But you have to dig deeper, much deeper, to determine if the candidate can sustain that level of passion, interest and fortitude. Most can’t . . . the ones who can are worth their weight in gold!

Learn how to assess candidates for Drive with a sales personality test.

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