June 19, 2014

iStock_000010060651SmallSales managers and recruiters sometimes wonder if they can give sales assessments to passive candidates. The concern in this case is that the rigor of the test will present a barrier to attracting a producer who is already happy in their current position. To be sure, presenting the test immediately can be difficult, as the passive candidate has more leverage at the start of the recruiting process. The key here is to establish rapport up front and position the test appropriately thereafter.

In the initial interactions, we need to get the candidate interested in the open position, presenting it as a substantial opportunity. While doing so, we can also begin to look for clues that this person is high in Drive. For example, finding out where they rank on their sales team can help us learn about need for achievement and competitiveness. (The competitive salesperson will certainly know how she or he stacks up relative to the team.)

Once the candidate is sold on the opportunity, we can then present the sales assessment as the next natural step in the recruiting process. At this point, candidates are willing to invest the time to help us determine, with much more precision, whether they have the Drive necessary to succeed for us.

Dr. Christopher Croner and Richard Abraham are authors of Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again and developers of the proprietary and patented sales assessment test, The DriveTest™, for sales candidates. To experience the difference of the DriveTest, contact us today!