Sales Hiring Process

Hire a Top Producer with Our Sales Hiring Process

Have you ever been burned by a sales candidate who looked great in the interview, said all the right things, but once hired, ended up being an underperformer who did not live up to your expectations?

We’ve all been there:

I just don’t understand John. He seems to have all the tools, yet he’s satisfied with merely reaching his quota. Why won’t he sell more?

Bill seemed so full of energy when we hired him. He interviewed so well and passed all the standard assessments. But now, he’s just wasting everybody’s time (and my money)! How could someone like this look so good in the interview?

So how do these low-potential salespeople get hired?

  • – Good actors can be mistaken for good salespeople.
  • – Many personality tests are too easy.
  • – Drive is the hardest personality trait to identify in the interview.

So, how do you avoid low-potential candidates going forward?

The answer is simple. Apply a sales assessment early in the sales hiring process to both capture high-potential candidates and avoid low-potential candidates.

The SalesDrive Hiring Process is designed to help you find and identify high-potential “Hunter” salespeople while avoiding those salespeople who cannot sustain performance over time.

The chart below compares the old, traditional hiring process to SalesDrive’s patented and scientifically-backed sales hiring process. Don’t get fooled by great actors, start hiring true producers today!

sales hiring process comparison

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