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sales-skills-assessment-of-current-salespeople The Challenge: Your Salespeople are Underperforming
The Solution: The Production Builder™ Assessment Test for Tailored Mentoring, Coaching and Training

Have any of the following happened to you?

  • Your salesforce is not performing to expectations.
  • There is too much costly turnover.
  • Your best people surprise you and leave.

Many companies turn to sales training for help, but while training can be ultimately useful, it is an egregious waste of money and resources if certain fundamentals are not covered first. It all starts with Drive . . . Almost all high-performing salespeople share the innate (non-teachable) characteristics of Drive.

Drive is composed of three personality traits:

  1. Need for Achievement
  2. Competitiveness
  3. Optimism

Most classic rainmakers, or “hunters,” score high in all three of these traits. If any one of these is missing, while the salesperson may succeed through other means (for example, being part of a team, or growing existing accounts), the chances are that he will not reach his full potential by being cast as a pure hunter or classic new business acquisition.


Get Your Team’s Drive Score

The Production Builder™ provides a revealing way to intercede and begin to build a new and improved salesforce. This online sales assessment test for current producers measures each salesperson’s innate level of Drive and provides suggestions for the development of other teachable skills, including persuasiveness, organization, confidence and relationship skills.


How to Use The Production Builder™ Sales Assessment Test

  1. Test every salesperson on your team and get your team’s cumulative Drive score.
  2. Learn how to motivate and train high-potential B-players to reach the “A” level and how to best deploy important low-Drive team members based upon their unique personality profiles.
  3. Raise your team’s cumulative Drive score over time through natural attrition and improving your hiring process.

The Production Builder™ Difference

The Production Builder™ is the only sales skills assessment available that measures innate Drive using the SalesDrive, LLC model (Need for Achievement + Competitiveness + Optimism). This allows you to review your team’s cumulative Drive score and learn how to improve production over time.

The Psychology Behind The Production Builder™

The Production Builder™ online sales assessment takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and uses the same 42 rigorous Forced-Choice questions and Drive-focused scoring found in the candidate version, The DriveTest®.

This Forced-Choice format requires the employee to review 3 statements and choose which statement is most like him and which statement is least like him. Furthermore, the employee must choose between three options that sound equally positive, making this test more difficult for someone to fake.

Sample Production Builder™ Questions

The Production Builder™ also includes a Consistency scale, which warns you if the salesperson responds inconsistently or attempts to fake the assessment test.


View a Sample Report

The Production Builder™ is available in 30+ languages worldwide.

View a list of available languages

Getting Started with The Production Builder™

  1. Contact Us

    When you are ready to start testing, simply contact us to get your SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard account established. Account set up requires one business day. Once your account set-up is complete, an assessment specialist will send you login information and a user guide. Assessments are then administers by you from your personal dashboard.

  2. Take The Production Builder™ Online

    The test is taken online and requires about 20 minutes to complete. It may be completed at home or at the office. The assessment is mobile-friendly.

  3. Receive Assessment Results

    When each of your team members finish the online sales assessment test, you will receive email notification that the results are ready to be viewed. Results are available on the SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard. The Production Builder™ report will provide specific suggestions for improving each salesperson’s performance based upon his/her unique personality profile.


Our use of the SalesDrive assessments has been a positive factor in our team’s success. We use the results to pair individuals with differing strengths and styles. It’s been a great tool for our current sales team and for new people joining us.

Shelly Smith, SPHR, Director of Human Resources Gibson Insurance

Because of our demanding, fast-paced and highly entrepreneurial culture, my company requires that our sales professionals exhibit a certain potential that is not readily identifiable among all (sales) candidates. The SalesDrive Assessment has proved to be invaluable in helping us qualify those candidates who are uniquely suited to work here. SalesDrive is the most important tool in my selection tool kit for evaluating sales professionals.

Bobbie Lyons, Vice President, Human Resources Rouse Properties

The SalesDrive sales assessment test is a powerful tool we use to help our clients identify and hire sales professionals with enough drive to consistently open doors and close new business.

Cathy Caserza-Light ,CEO Assessment