For Sales Training & Development: Improve Your Sales Team with Methods Based on Their Personalities

Sample Production Builder Test to Use When Improving Sales People

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Have any of the following happened to you?

  • Your salesforce is not performing to expectations.
  • There is too much costly turnover.
  • Your best people surprise you and leave.

The Production Builder™ report provides a revealing way to intercede and begin to build a new and improved salesforce.

This additional report is automatically generated with each sales assessment purchase for no additional fee.

Results Summary

This portion of the report is identical to the DriveTest® report and provides 1-5 scores for the core elements of Drive (Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism) as well as Confidence, Persuasiveness, Relationship Skills and Organization. The sales roles of Hunter and Farmer are also scored.


Development Suggestions

This is the meat of the Production Builder™ report. This section includes a Sales Type profile based on each salesperson’s personality profile and DriveTest® scores. This information provides valuable data for training, coaching and managing your salesperson effectively.

There are four Sales Types to consider in this context:Chart about Improving Salespeople

  • Driver – These are individuals with a strong Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism. These salespeople have the innate motivation and resiliency essential for effectiveness in intense account acquisition aka Hunter sales roles.
  • Realist – These individuals are achievement-oriented and competitive with medium to low optimism. These salespeople generally need encouragement through mentoring, or being paired with high optimism team members.
  • Collaborator – These individuals are focused on attaining a good work-life balance. These salespeople can make effective contributions when teamed up with a more highly Driven “hunter,” salesperson or asked to manage existing customer accounts.
  • Believer – These individuals show strong optimism, which can help them overcome psychological challenges that others would not be able to handle. These salespeople can be useful, for example, in maintaining the team’s morale, but may not be able to sustain enough Drive to individually convert high hopes to closed sales.

Also included in the Development Suggestions portion of the report are specific action steps for managers to take to help their salespeople develop each core skill scored as “Average” or below.

Start Improving Your Sales Team Today

  1. Test every salesperson on your team using our sales assessment and get your team’s cumulative Drive score.
  2. Review the Production Builder™ Report for each salesperson to learn how to motivate and train high-potential B-players to reach the “A” level and how to best deploy important low-Drive team members based upon their unique personality profiles.
  3. Raise your team’s cumulative Drive score over time through natural attrition and incorporating The DriveTest® into your regular hiring process.

How to Get Started

1. Request Your Free Trial

Give the assessment a try before establishing a paid account. Click here to request your free trial. Upon completion the results will be sent to you with a link to schedule a strategy session to discuss next steps.


2. Establish an Account & Administer Assessment

When you are ready to begin testing, an account for the SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard will need to be established. (Please allow one business day for account creation.) You will be able to administer assessments from your personal SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard. The sales assessment is taken online and requires about 20 minutes to complete. It may be completed at home or at the office. The assessment is mobile-friendly.


3. Receive Assessment Results Instantly

When your salesperson finishes the assessment, you will immediately receive email notification that the results are ready to be viewed. Both The DriveTest® and The Production Builder™ Reports are available on the SalesDrive Assessment Dashboard.



RMS has used the SalesDrive Assessment over 35 times to evaluate candidates for its Loan Advisor position. It has been a critical tool in assessing candidates drive to succeed and compete, their core skills, and what sort of sales role they are most comfortable with: Hunter or Farmer. We have used the [DriveTest®] Assessment and the Production Builder™ to effectively interview candidates. I would say we have made better hiring decisions utilizing this tool. RMS plans to continue using the DriveTest® going forward.

Chip LeBlanc, Senior Vice President/Human Resources, Residential Mortgage Services, Inc.

Using SalesDrive as a tool, during the hiring process, has helped us spot Driven, goal-oriented people that are in it for the marathon and not the sprint.

Debra Varacalli, HR Manager, Jon-Don

SalesDrive gives us a hard measure of a candidate’s fit that we’ve never had before. Now we spend our time on candidates with real potential and avoid hiring people that won’t succeed in a very competitive environment.

Rob Purnell ,EVP Lending, SnapFi

SalesDrive has been invaluable to us during the sales hiring cycle. It has helped us to identify strong candidates and ask the right questions. Almost always the assessments are accurate to a candidate’s persona and work ethic. We are very pleased with the service that SalesDrive offers and will continue to use its services.

Anne Marie McBride ,Vice President Human Resources, Willson International Limited

When Sunbird Software needed to quickly develop a team of professional inside and outside representatives we depended on SalesDrive. We were able to quickly and easily screen candidates. We have found focus areas from evaluation results and suggested questions for interviewing extremely valuable.

Mike Gonski, Sales Director, Sunbird Software

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