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Sales Training

The Top 13 Ways You Can Improve Your Sales Training Today

There is no denying that sales training is integral to the success of your sales team. But just how important is sales training? Very important. With proper training, your sales reps can hone in on the skills that are required to be successful and properly learn how to implement them into their work. Unfortunately, most sales training programs fall short of sales managers’ expectations. Though companies in the United States are, according to Training Industry, dumping over $161 billion into sales team training, it seems the results rarely meet or exceed expectations in the end. In fact, much of the
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Sales Assessments

What is a Sales Aptitude Test & How Can It Help Your Sales Team? [Infographic]

Are you tired of hiring salespeople that seem promising during the interview, but sizzle out quicker than you can say “follow-up call?” You are in good company. In fact, according to Hubspot, 40% of all salespeople do not understand customer pain, which plays a large role in the fact that 75% of salespeople miss their quotas. As you can see, this underperforming sales rep problem is something that has plagued the entire sales community, not just your company. However, it is time to make a change and no longer be a part of the above statistics. Continue reading the information below to
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Sales Assessments

Sales Aptitude Test: Why Your Company Needs One to Succeed

Your sales team is the lifeblood of your company − lifeblood that is made up of every single member of your sales team, from the long-standing head of sales, to the new guy on his first day. So, as a Sales Director, it is crucial that your sales team is strong and delivers impressive results. Without a stellar sales team, your company may fall flat. But, as you know, building a successful sales team comes with many challenges. One such challenge is ensuring your current sales team is working at peak productivity at all times. Another challenge is ensuring that
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How Important is Talent Acquisition in Building a Sales Team?

It starts with talent. Talent acquisition is the single, most important element of building a world class sales team, period. Without talent and the right personality, the best training and management cannot create miracles. All sports teams know that they can only go so far without great athletes. Yet you would be surprised how many companies settle for mediocre talent. Why?  How Important is Talent Acquisition in Building a Sales Team? was last modified: October 30th, 2014 by SalesDrive, LLC
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Can a Candidate’s Mood Lower Scores on a Sales Recruitment Assessment?

Hiring managers occasionally wonder whether a sales candidate’s mood can substantially affect his or her scores on a sales assessment test. These questions can arise when a candidate reports recent frustrations at work or other challenging circumstances and scores low on traits such as Need for Achievement or Optimism. The key here is to remember that we are measuring traits rather than states. A state is a more temporary mood or condition (such as temporary anxiety or sadness). A trait is a stable underlying characteristic or quality (such as Need for Achievement).  So, although it can be appealing to attribute
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Salespeople Who CAN Sell vs. Those Who WILL Sell

It’s a million dollar difference. There are many salespeople who can sell. They have the intelligence, the wits and the charisma. But there are far, far less salespeople who will sell, in a sustained way, over time. The difference? Drive. Salespeople Who CAN Sell vs. Those Who WILL Sell was last modified: September 18th, 2014 by SalesDrive, LLC
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