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What Questions Should I Ask in a Salesperson Phone Screen?

After reviewing sales candidate resumes, hiring managers often add a phone screen to determine whether to move the candidate forward into the testing and interviewing process. This 20-30 minute phone call helps bring the candidate’s resume to life and provides some excellent clues about whether he or she has the characteristics the company is seeking. Since the time is short, hiring managers often wonder about the best questions to ask. Here is a salesperson phone screen protocol, we use and recommend, to help you determine whether a candidate is likely to be successful in the testing and interviewing process.  What Questions Should
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Why is Optimism so Important to Sustained Sales Success and Why Can’t it be Taught?

Optimism is critical to sustained sales success for two reasons: Most sales calls are rejected. Rejection, when personalized, can lead to depression and diminished performance. Salespeople who are high in innate optimism do not personalize rejection. Like strikeouts in baseball or missed shots in basketball, they see it as part of the game and do not expect to get a hit every time. In other words their optimism protects them and allows them to put their job in a healthy perspective. Knowing that sales is a numbers game that includes both hits and misses, optimists see a miss as simply getting
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My Candidate is Very Persistent, Does That Mean He Will Be a Good Salesperson?

The short answer: Maybe. Hiring managers occasionally encounter sales candidates who are especially persistent. The candidates might call or email recruiters frequently to get an update on their status. Of course, persistence is a very important trait for success in sales. So, it can be tempting to conclude that a persistent candidate will be high in Drive, tirelessly tracking down new leads. My Candidate is Very Persistent, Does That Mean He Will Be a Good Salesperson? was last modified: May 7th, 2023 by SalesDrive, LLC
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