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Sales Management

The Sales Manager’s Number One Misconception

Is your sales team underperforming? Are you thinking about hiring more salespeople to meet the new business numbers your company needs? Adding more salespeople to your team seems like the obvious solution to low performance, but before you start hiring sales reps, take a hard look at what you already have. Chances are, what you need is a better strategy for utilizing your current team, not more salespeople. Why Not Just Hire More Salespeople? Have you heard of the 80/20 principle? It is the idea that 80% of an effect is created by only 20% of the cause. The 80/20
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Mentoring – The Ultimate Salesperson Accelerator

Finding great talent is only the beginning of the process when you want to improve your sales team. Have you noticed a difference between pre-hire expectations and actual sales performance? Are you sick of having to deal with high turnover rates and poorly qualified salespeople who underperform and leave you feeling overworked? Sales should be a fun and exciting career, not a constant battle. If you are ready to start making lasting changes in your sales team, mentoring is an effective way to improve your team’s performance and start in a new direction. The sales industry is changing every day.
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