Identify Top-Performing Salespeople Now with The DriveTest®

What is The DriveTest®?

  • Scientifically-proven sales aptitude test
  • Identifies true sales producers most likely to succeed in sales long term
  • Developed by a psychologist
  • Allows you to objectively evaluate candidates based on data


What Makes The DriveTest® Different?

  • Measures Drive – top indicator of a salesperson’s innate ability to sell
  • Provides feedback to managers on a candidates’ strengths/weaknesses and development opportunities
  • Can’t be faked – uses Forced-Choice format, which also detects inconsistency in answers


When to Use The DriveTest®

  • After phone interview
  • Before in-person interview


How to Use The DriveTest®

  • Request free trial
  • Your free aptitude test will be emailed to you
  • Test your next sales applicant that’s passed your phone interview – The DriveTest has not been calibrated for management roles
  • Schedule a free Strategy Session with Dr. Croner to discuss how to interpret the aptitude test results
  • Hire superstar salespeople


Request your free trial of our sales aptitude test, The DriveTest®, today!

Your free trial includes:

  • One complete DriveTest®, 20-25 minute online sales aptitude test (Give to a new candidate or current salesperson)
  • One complete DriveTest® Report, outlining the aptitude test results (Results are always sent to you)
  • A complimentary personal debriefing of the results with Dr. Christopher Croner (1-on-1 to address your specific questions and hiring needs)
 Join 1000+ companies and counting that are already using The DriveTest® to hire better salespeople.

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