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Best Practices for Recruiting a High Quality Sales Force

5 Steps to a Better Sales Hiring Process

Best Practice for Recruiting a High Quality Sales Force Whitepaper

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Companies around the world had to rein in expenses to remain competitive throughout the last few years. Now, as things get better, companies are looking to grow again through sales, but this is naturally a difficult and anxiety-ridden process.


A sales department is the engine that drives a company to success, but that means every part must be in good operation at all times. When your company does not recruit its sales force in the right way, it will be forced to incur costs far greater than the salary paid to a single successful hire.


A delicate balance must be struck between efficiency and the need for in-depth information about candidates. Without suitable rigor or the proper skills for identifying the best candidates, you may move forward on applicants, only to find out later that they are a wrong fit for your sales team. Yet a time-intensive hiring process means leaving your sales team short-handed as it tries to cover the vacant position with current staffing levels.


Learn five best practices for recruiting a high quality sales force to ensure you do not waste time or money on salespeople who will not be a good fit for your sales team.


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