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sales team losing deals
Sales Management

3 Alarming Reasons Your Sales Team Is Losing Deals and How to Help Them

Your sales team has had its ups and downs, but lately…your salespeople’s performance is slipping. They are not as consistent as they used to be. And as a sales manager, you might be scratching your head and wondering: “Is my team growing complacent?” “Are they losing their competitive edge?” Whatever the case is, you want to lead your team to success, ensure that they feel motivated and you want them to reach their goals. But how can you do that when your team is struggling with closing sales? Well, as we have mentioned before, when a member of your sales
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Why “Always Be Closing” Advice Will Cause Your Salespeople to Fail

If you have worked in sales for a while, you have probably heard of “ABC:” Always Be Closing. If you have never heard of it, it simply means that the sales process should be focused on closing deals. This advice is often given to salespeople by managers in the hopes that it will motivate them to close more sales. Some sales managers even write a sales script centered around the “ABC” approach and require their salespeople to use it with every customer. At first glance, “Always Be Closing” may seem like a sound tactic, and it is true that it was
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Boost Your Sales Team’s Performance by First Understanding Their Challenges

“Sales success comes after you stretch yourself past your limits on a daily basis” – Omar Periu As a sales manager, you probably focus on giving your team the right amount of push to get them to aim for, and achieve, increasingly high sales goals. However, if your team’s performance is not getting better after your attempts to motivate them, there may be a more serious underlying issue. Understanding your sales team’s challenges, and knowing how to address them, will help boosting your team’s overall performance. How to Identify the Problem Perhaps more than other professional industries, having a skilled
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7 Tips to Avoid Micromanaging Your Salespeople

As a sales manager, you know that the success of your team largely hinges on your effectiveness as a leader. And to be an effective sales manager, you need visibility into what you team is achieving. However, some sales managers take their need for visibility too far and start micromanaging. This ineffective management practice often makes their team become resentful, hindering them from selling to the best of their ability. Are you guilty of micromanaging your team? If so, it is important for you to learn how to stop micromanaging and start leading your team in a way that inspires
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10 Ways to Make Sure Your Next Sales Meeting is a Success

If you have ever held a sales meeting before, you know that salespeople are not always thrilled to attend. And it is easy to understand why they might feel that way. If they are not selling, then they are not making money, and they know that your meeting is a non-sales activity. They may also assume that your meeting is going to take up more of their time than it should and walk into the meeting with a negative attitude as a result.   Do not let that happen – if you do, it is highly likely that your salespeople
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6 Helpful Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Salespeople

A 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey showed that it took one year or longer for most new employees to get caught up to speed in about 30% of companies. As a sales manager, you might find that statistic concerning. A year is a long time for a person to work at a company without completely understanding their job. For salespeople, slow progress translates to a lowered ability to sell productively. Can you imagine how much your team’s sales results could improve if every single salesperson went through an effective onboarding process? Chances are, their results would improve quite a bit.
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