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Effective Communication in Sales Management
Sales Management

Effective Communication in Sales Management

Do you want to motivate your sales team to close more deals and work better together? It is every sales team’s dream to break sales records and increase company revenue.  It is not impossible to get this done, but it comes down to effective sales management and more specifically, effective communication in sales management. Effective communication is crucial to successful sales management. Increasing sales and achieving targets within a time frame requires that salespeople connect with customers better.  Better connections stem from better communication which improves client relationships, builds employee confidence, and increases goodwill.  The Importance of Clear Communication Clarity
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Sales Management

7 Daily Habits of Highly Effective Sales Managers

As a sales manager, you know that your job is not an easy one. What you may not realize is that your effectiveness as a leader can make or break your sales team. You face quite a bit of pressure every day to perform, but you must still come in to work ready to lead your sales team to success. Otherwise, their results may suffer, high turnover in the sales department is likely and your job and reputation as a sales manager could be in danger. Do not let that happen. Instead, ask yourself: How can I be a better
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Vital Sales Statistics Everyone Should Know

Vital Sales Statistics That Everyone Should Know [Guest Post]

Guest Post by Reuben Yonatan While a percentage of sales will always be personal, instinctual and individualized, putting your team in the best position to make a sale is all about understanding the numbers, set statistics and the evolving methods available when delivering conversions. GetCRM put together these metrics to help outline some of the key findings in 2017. These are numbers that every salesperson should know in order to lessen the challenges that are inherent in sales and inspire teams to work smarter. It’s Not What You Know As sales concepts evolve the most important truisms stay the same. Adages
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Expert Guide to Finding Your Team's Sales Rainmaker
Sales Assessments

An Expert Guide to Finding Your Team’s Sales Rainmaker

We have all heard of competitors’ having a key rainmaker on their sales team that have constantly shattered sales records. So you may be thinking, “I need to hire a sales rainmaker.” The truth is, you may actually already have a rainmaker on your team – you simply have been looking at all of the wrong traits and data to evaluate your team. Keep reading to learn how to spot the rainmaker already on your sales team. Once you understand how rainmakers work, you can then harness their potential and give them the right support they need to make your
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How to Measure the ROI of Your Sales Training
Sales Training

4 Ways to Measure the ROI of Your Sales Training [Guest Post]

Guest Post by Rochelle Ceira Evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of an investment is an essential part of running a business. Since sales are what keep a business running, the return on investment (or ROI) of your sales training is a valuable tool for assessing the company’s performance. ROI measurement is a bit tricky but very useful to companies who want to make the best of their sales teams. Moreover, choosing a specific training course and the right ROI measurement methods is quite difficult. It is not impossible, though. One should not only start measure sales training  in terms of
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Insider Secrets to Help Your Salespeople Sell Faster
Sales Management

5 Insider Secrets to Help Your New Salespeople Sell Faster

The success of your salespeople is rooted in one major thing: motivation. Without motivation, your hopes and dreams of your sales team achieving sales goals and bringing success to your company will forever remain hopes and dreams, and never transform into reality. But, as you likely already know, motivation is not as simple as it may seem. In fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, 51% of the workforce in the United States is disengaged from their job. Sure, a brand new salesperson fresh off of training may not be quite as jaded as some senior sales reps, and may
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