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Sales Assessments

Can Sales Tests Be Faked? Learn How to Separate Actors from A-Players

One of the most common questions we receive is whether a sales assessment test can be faked. This is an important concern, since the purpose of a sales employment screening is to separate the good actors from the high potential candidates. It is prudent to take a good look into any test before relying on it to screen your candidates. Unfortunately, many tests are very easy for candidates to quickly size up and fake their way through, creating a false impression of their level of motivation or ambition. These tests can create even more wasted time and money than if
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Sales Experience or Drive: Which is More Important?

Sales managers often look at a candidate’s level of sales experience as a key indicator as to whether he or she will be successful. Previous experience can be alluring, especially if your candidate was at the top of his company within your industry. Unfortunately, experience alone does not tell us whether the candidate will actually step up to the plate and perform. Sales Experience or Drive: Which is More Important? was last modified: March 5th, 2013 by SalesDrive, LLC
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Why Sales Personality Test Work
Sales Assessments

Why Personality Testing Works to Evaluate Sales Candidates

Many companies offer psychometric testing. These range from personality tests to verbal communication demonstrations. The goal of all of these tests are the same. They are trying to identify the most important personality characteristics required for a job or task. This can be complicated because the traits needed to succeed, like attitude or intelligence, are difficult to quantify. Measurements like strength or endurance are easy to measure in athletes, but in salespeople the practice can be much trickier. It takes a well-designed test to accurately assess the best sales candidates. Desired Qualities in Salespeople Why does personality testing work so
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