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Finding Good Salespeople at Conferences
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

12 Best Places for Finding Good Salespeople

As a Sales Manager, recruiting new salespeople is often a demanding part of your job that never seems to taper off. Do you ever find yourself wondering where to find good salespeople? Today we are thinking beyond the job boards and sharing a list of diverse resources for finding salespeople.  You will find a mix of paid and free resources, social media platforms, events, and good old-fashioned in-person networking, too. Although you might be interested in how to coach salespeople, finding and hiring talented salespeople is one of the most important investments a business can make. Sales staff are the
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question marks
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

How to Use Extreme Questions in a Sales Interview

Interviewing sales candidates can be particularly challenging. Often, sales candidates can be hard to read in an interview since many are skilled at presenting themselves in a favorable light. A powerful technique for quickly moving past a candidate’s defenses is to use “extreme” questions. When asking the right type of extreme questions in a sales interview, you are much more likely to identify a candidate’s true potential. This technique’s power comes from its ability to get right at the heart of the matter, allowing you to learn the candidate’s tendencies. “Extreme” interview questions gain their namesake for a reason and
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Top Questions to Ask Sales Candidates in an Intervew
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

4 Savvy Interview Questions to Ask Superstar Sales Candidates

Interviewing candidates for sales positions within your company is one of the most important things you will do as a sales VP. It is also one of the most challenging things you will do. There is much more to the sales hiring process than a simple resume/cover letter review and basic interview. Establishing a successful hiring process is going to make or break your position as sales VP, and your company. After all, your salespeople play a vital role in determining the amount of sales your company is able to do, and if your sales reps are a far cry
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Improve Your Sales Team Productivity
Sales Management

Productivity Hacks for Your Sales Team [Guest Post]

All of us experience it at some point or the other – that hour in the day where you are sitting at your desk and have lost all focus. You pick up your phone and check social media, reply to some text messages and surf your favorite websites. You have a long list of tasks to get done but you just can’t focus on them. There are different reasons for productivity to suffer, from being distracted due to issues at home, to not feeling fit enough to work. We have jotted down a few hacks for you to improve your productivity,
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hiring guide for fast growing companies
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

The Sales Hiring Guide for Fast-Growing Companies [SlideShare]

The Sales Guide for Fast Growing Companies When your company is growing fast, you cannot afford to make bad hiring decisions. This especially applies when you are hiring salespeople. By adding just one wrong salesperson to your team, it could end up costing your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention lost opportunity to grow the business. So how can you avoid hiring these costly bad salespeople? Keep reading to learn the research-backed process for consistently hiring the high-performing salespeople your company needs to exceed growth expectations each year. How Fast-Growing Companies Hire Stellar Salespeople
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How Your Interview Room Changes the Interview

How to Use Design, Layout and Location to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Interviewees Think about the space you use most in your interviews. Is it in your office? The conference room? A coffee shop? Did you pick this space with specific intentions, or was it just the most convenient for the appointment time? Did you know that the space you choose may actually impact the outcome of your interview? The design and atmosphere of an interview room can either set candidates at ease or put them on guard. How Your Interview Room Changes the Interview was last
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