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The Sales Manager’s Guide to Phone Interviews

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After reviewing a sales candidate’s resume, hiring managers often incorporate a phone interview to determine whether to move the candidate forward in the hiring process.

This call, although typically short (15-30 minutes), can help to bring the candidate’s resume to life and provide some clues about whether they will fit into the open role at your company.

But what questions are best to ask during this call, especially since it is short and the first time you are interacting with the candidate?

We understand the frustration of hiring a salesperson that looked good in the interview, said all the right things but never performed as expected once hired. So, we have developed this course to help you structure your phone interviews so you are getting the most out of your calls with candidates.


Inside this Course

Throughout this course you will learn how to review resumes and conduct phone interviews with salespeople that start to reveal their true potential. By identifying sales potential prior to the in-person interview, you are safe-guarding your time by only considering high-aptitude candidates. Additionally, we will share our recommendations for steps to take after the phone interview as well.

Inside you will find the following course lessons:

  • What is Drive?
  • Reviewing Resumes for High Performance Indicators
  • Best Practices for Conducting Phone Interviews
  • Phone Interview Guide & Scoring
  • Next Steps After the Phone Interview

Along with expert guidance and best practices, this course includes a downloadable PDF phone interview guide. This guide includes our recommended phone interview structure, specific interview questions to ask, guidance on what you should be listening for in responses, that are indicative of high performance, and a scoring system for rating your candidate’s skill level and potential.

After rating your candidates, you will find a chart that includes recommendations for next steps and who should move forward in the interview process.


Getting Started

A solid sales hiring process starts with a thorough resume review and structured phone interview. Enroll in this course for best practices and access to the phone interview process prescribed by Dr. Chris Croner.

If you want to hire top-performing salespeople, you must start sorting out the candidates that have real potential from the ones that do not. The first step in doing so is conducting phone interviews.

Learn the best phone interview process in our online course today.


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