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Secrets for Onboarding & Mentoring New Salespeople


Having a great sales team goes beyond just hiring. You can have the best salespeople in the world on your team, but if they are not onboarded, educated and treated properly, they are not going to produce for you and will likely end up taking their talents elsewhere.

It is common for sales managers and business owners to assume that a salesperson high in Drive will just naturally know what to do in their new role. But this assumption gets a lot of companies in trouble and it is an unrealistic expectation.

New salespeople, even high-Drive ones, will need a little but of time to ramp up. This is especially true if they do not have much experience.

Furthermore, new salespeople bond (or do not bond) with their new team and manager in the first 90 days of employment so it is extremely important to pay extra close attention to how they are being welcomed to the team.

And lastly, even high-Drive salespeople need encouragement and guidance from time to time. They want to know how their success is measured, how they will be rewarded and that their efforts are being recognized and appreciated.

That is why having a structured onboarding process is critical to your sales team’s success. To take it a step further, incorporating a mentor program into your overall management strategy can be mutually beneficial to all involved. And lastly, to tied it all together, you need to inspire top-performing salespeople to reach their full potential.

So, what are the proper onboarding steps to take when hiring new salespeople? And what is the best way to set up a mentor program within your organization?


Inside This Course

We will cover both in this course. We want to equip you with the right knowledge and tools so you can be sure you are welcoming new salespeople to your team properly and setting them up for complete success.

Inside you will find the following course lessons:

  • Welcome
  • Critical First 30-90 Days
  • Day One
  • Day One Lunch
  • First Month Check-ins
  • Mentoring – Secret to Developing Salespeople
  • How to Inspire Your Salespeople

Along with expert guidance and best practices, this course includes a few downloadable PDF worksheets. These worksheets were designed to help you brainstorm and structure your onboarding and mentoring programs and will give you insight into inspiring your high-Drive salespeople. Download each and work through them as you revamp your new hire onboarding process.


Getting Started

The process does not stop once you have hired a great salesperson. You must continue to nurture that relationship, especially in the first 90 days, for real success.

A solid onboarding process starts with an exciting first day, week and month, where you make your new salesperson feel welcome and reinforce that they made the right decision working for your company.

Enroll in this course for best practices and access to guidance around mentoring and inspiring your new salespeople and overall sales team.


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