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Motivating & Coaching Your Sales Team to Peak Performance


A common challenge many sales managers and business owners face is getting their sales team to produce the results that they expect. You may have even hired a high-Drive salesperson or two and are wondering why they are not producing the way you thought they would, or even should. You are not alone.

All sales teams, even high-Drive ones, need to be coached and motivated. And many of the one-size-fits-all sales training and motivational seminars are not going to give you the long-term results you are looking for because they simply do not stick with your reps over the long haul.

So, what can you do to boost your sales team’s performance?


Inside This Course

Enroll in this course! Throughout this course you will learn training, coaching and motivational techniques, many of which have been successfully used by some of the world’s greatest leaders, coaches and managers. Join Dr. Croner and CEO, Richard Abraham, in a one-on-one webinar interview where they cover the seven tools for coaching and motivating your salespeople to higher levels. And finally, learn about the Mission Meeting, a critical step to the new hire development process that you cannot afford to be missing.

Inside you will find the following course lessons:

  • Welcome
  • Training with a Purpose
  • The Difference Between Average & Great Managers
  • Webinar – 7 Tools for Coaching Your Salespeople to Peak Performance
  • Mission Meeting
  • Lessons from the Best

Along with written expert guidance and best practices, this course includes a 25-minute webinar interview with Dr. Chris Croner and a few downloadable PDF worksheets. Both the webinar and these worksheets were designed to help you coach, train and motivate your salespeople to peak performance.


Improve your management skills and develop a program that gets the results you desire. Get started today by enrolling in our course now!


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