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The Ultimate Behavioral Interview Guide

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Uncover Sales Candidates’ True Intentions with These Proven Behavioral Interview Techniques.

The most important decision that any business will make at any level is the selection of productive salespeople. No other position has both an opportunity for growth and potential for disaster. Most hiring managers can vividly recall a specific salesperson who looked great in the interview but never performed as expected.

Candidates can be particularly good at talking a good game . . . they know how to probe for your pain, handle objections and ask for the sale.

You might think a candidate can sell but that does not mean they will sell for you, and the distinction of can vs. will is critical.

Role plays, references and responses to hypothetical questions will tell you if the candidate can sell.  A well-constructed behavioral interview will tell you if they will sell.

Behavioral interviews get their strength from the predictive power of consistent previous behavior . . . the best predictor of future behavior.

Rather than asking how the candidate would respond in a hypothetical situation, you need to learn how they did respond to previous challenges to determine their real potential.


Inside the Course

This course was designed to teach you the exact behavioral interview questions to ask and the clues to listen for in sales candidates’ responses, to help you determine if your candidate will sell for you.

Inside you will find the following lessons:

  • What is Drive?
  • The Behavioral Interview Defined
  • Common Interviewing Mistakes to Avoid
  • How to Prepare for The Drive Behavioral Interview®
  • Interviewing Techniques and Secrets
  • The Drive Behavioral Interview® Guide and Scoring
  • Bonus: Questions for Candidates Without Sales Experience



The Drive Behavioral Interview Guide and Questions for Candidates Without Sales Experience come as downloadable PDF documents. Print one off for each interview and take notes.

Inside each guide, you will find five sales skill categories that research has shown impacts performance.

Under each category there are several behavioral interview questions for you to ask, guidance on what you should be look for in your candidates’ responses and a scoring system for rating your candidates’ skill level in each category.

At the end, we provide instructions for calculating the results of the interview and recommendations based on the scores received.


Using the sales interview techniques and behavioral interview questions provided in this course, you will be able to “look under the hood” of your sales candidates, dig deeper into their skills and uncover their true potential.

If you are looking to build a high-performance sales team, then mastering the art of conducting behavioral interviews is essential.  Don’t wait, enroll today!


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