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Sales CandidatesIf we have heard this once, we have heard it 100 times from exasperated business owners and sales managers who cannot figure out why their key players are not performing to expectations. But there is a dilemma imbedded in the plea, “fix my sales team.” That is, the sales team cannot be “fixed” if it is not composed of the right athletes: people who are born to sell.

Over 80 years of research and experience tell us that while certain core competencies like confidence, persuasive skills, and even charisma can, indeed, be developed; there is one innate characteristic that sits at the heart of it all: Drive. And Drive cannot be learned. People either have it or they don’t. Research also shows that Drive is one of the toughest traits for interviewers to rate, and one of the easiest traits for candidates to fake. To make matters worse, many sales managers hire based on gut instinct. Thus, they are severely disappointed later.

It is therefore incumbent upon business owners and sales managers to test for Drive, through the combination of our personality tests and focused interviewing, before a candidate joins the organization. The stakes are enormous. Poor candidate decisions can cost a company millions of dollars, sometimes resulting in the failure of the business itself.

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The DriveTest™ is the only pre-employment personality test for salespeople available that can help you determine whether your candidates have the most critical personality trait for success at sales: Drive. This allows you to interview only high-potential candidates, dramatically increasing the quality of your applicant pool.

Once a candidate has taken The DriveTest, you will receive an easy to read, no-nonsense report with an overall score on Drive as well as its three non-teachable elements: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism. The DriveTest report also has scores on additional personality traits important for Hunters: Confidence, Persuasion, Relationship Skills and Organization Skills. The DriveTest gives you the power to select and interview only high-potential candidates.

To experience the benefits of The DriveTest contact us today! We promise you it will change the way you think about hiring salespeople forever.

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The DriveTest is a very useful tool for hiring sales people. The results are easy to interpret and give hiring managers and HR interesting insights into characteristics of their potential hire.
Joanna BlochHR and Benefits ConsultantCompugen Inc