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How to Quickly Build a Sales Team Without Wasting Time and Money [Infographic]

As a sales manager, you know that building a strong sales team is critical to the success of your business. After all, salespeople are crucial to generating the revenue that keeps your company running, so every sales hiring decision you make should be handled with care. Now, you may be wondering: How can I avoid costly bad hires and quickly build a team of high-performing salespeople? Let’s start with an infographic to dive into this a little deeper… And here is the text version… How to Build a High-Performing Sales Team Fast Outline your standards. If you already have a
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How to Hire a Salesperson for a Startup Company

If you own a startup that is growing quickly, it may be time for you to hire some new employees to take on some of your tasks. One of the most important employees you can hire is a salesperson. However, your hiring decision should not be one that you take lightly. Many small businesses fail in the first five years due to a lack of sales and your new business may be at risk as well, if you do not choose a Driven salesperson who is capable of consistently bringing in new customers. Now, you may be wondering: How can
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My Candidate is Very Experienced with Lots of Contacts, Does Testing/Interviewing Matter?

A sales candidate who comes to you with substantial industry experience and/or a great book of business can seem like a dream come true. Considering the potential for leveraging the candidate’s experience and contacts, it may even be tempting to shortcut the testing and interviewing process. Make no mistake, experience is critical, especially when you need the salesperson to start producing quickly. However, a careful vetting process is still essential. My Candidate is Very Experienced with Lots of Contacts, Does Testing/Interviewing Matter? was last modified: April 3rd, 2014 by SalesDrive, LLC
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