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Hacks to Increase Your Company's Sales
Sales Management

Psychology-Backed Tips and Hacks To Help Increase Sales

When you think of psychology, do you imagine someone sitting in a room with a psychologist, sharing his/her thoughts and worries? Well, while the practice of psychology does involve therapy sessions like the one mentioned, it can also apply to other areas in life—like sales. When it comes to making purchases, emotions play a much bigger role than you might realize. In fact, some experts believe that 90% of our purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. In other words, when it comes to selling, knowing how to appeal to your customers on an emotional level plays a big role in how
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Drive is Not the Same as Obnoxious

Drive is a critical component of a successful salesperson’s personality mix. Drive is what internally pushes her to succeed. Drive is what causes her to love to compete. Drive is an internal element that generates innate optimism in a profession in which rejection is part of the program.And Drive cannot be taught  . . . despite what motivational speakers would like you to believe. Salespeople need to start out with Drive, and then training can really have an impact. Drive is Not the Same as Obnoxious was last modified: October 16th, 2014 by SalesDrive, LLC
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Should I Be Thinking About Creating Sales Teams?

Clients sometimes come to us looking for help identifying a candidate with strong technical skills who also has the aptitude to sell. This is a tough nut to crack because the skill set and interests often do not run in parallel. Should I Be Thinking About Creating Sales Teams? was last modified: August 21st, 2014 by SalesDrive, LLC
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Mentoring – The Ultimate Salesperson Accelerator

Finding great talent is only the beginning of the process when you want to improve your sales team. Have you noticed a difference between pre-hire expectations and actual sales performance? Are you sick of having to deal with high turnover rates and poorly qualified salespeople who underperform and leave you feeling overworked? Sales should be a fun and exciting career, not a constant battle. If you are ready to start making lasting changes in your sales team, mentoring is an effective way to improve your team’s performance and start in a new direction. The sales industry is changing every day.
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