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Sales Management

How to Keep Sales Team Morale Up While Working Remotely

Keeping sales team morale high is crucial for any business, whether the team works remotely, on the road or on-site. The truth is, most people are not happy with their jobs. On top of that sobering fact, sales jobs are tough. It takes thick skin and dogged perseverance to succeed. Keeping sales team morale high is one of the most profitable pursuits you can undertake for your organization, but boosting morale for remote workers presents its own unique set of challenges. The first half of this article will cover the fundamentals of sales team motivation. Properly set up systems can
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Sales Management

5 Challenges Your Sales Team May Be Facing While Working Remotely

Working remotely might sound like an ideal situation for most people. However, anyone who has had the privilege of working from home knows that it comes with its own set of challenges. There is the issue of remote colleagues and co-working spaces. Most remote workers find a way to make it work, but all agree there are steep learning and adjustment curves. As a sales manager, it is your job to uncover problems before they negatively impact your sales team’s performance. A few common problems and situations will undoubtedly crop up among your sales team. Make sure you nip them
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