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Sales Assessments

5 Key Personality Traits You and Your Sales Assessment Should be Measuring

 We know that individuals with Drive make great salespeople, but there are a number of other traits that complement Drive and are important to consider when looking to hire top-producing salespeople. These are sales traits that you just cannot identify from an interview alone. That is why it is critical to start out with an assessment that measures Drive, because coaching salespeople after hiring isn’t always the best way to find success. Keep the following five sales traits in mind during your next performance reviews or sales assessments to help you identify high-potential salespeople. Five Traits of Successful Salespeople 1)
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How Your Interview Room Changes the Interview

How to Use Design, Layout and Location to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Interviewees Think about the space you use most in your interviews. Is it in your office? The conference room? A coffee shop? Did you pick this space with specific intentions, or was it just the most convenient for the appointment time? Did you know that the space you choose may actually impact the outcome of your interview? The design and atmosphere of an interview room can either set candidates at ease or put them on guard. How Your Interview Room Changes the Interview was last
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How Important is Talent Acquisition in Building a Sales Team?

It starts with talent. Talent acquisition is the single, most important element of building a world class sales team, period. Without talent and the right personality, the best training and management cannot create miracles. All sports teams know that they can only go so far without great athletes. Yet you would be surprised how many companies settle for mediocre talent. Why?  How Important is Talent Acquisition in Building a Sales Team? was last modified: October 30th, 2014 by SalesDrive, LLC
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2 Sales Hiring Tools Every Sales Manager Needs

Drive manifests itself in many different ways. Some highly Driven people have big personalities and are virtually bursting out of their skin with energy and ideas. But high levels of Drive can also be found in quieter people who are less assuming, who have underneath a burning Need for Achievement and are ferociously Competitive. Hiring new personalities can be incredibly stressful. We all know that many salespeople will try to work a fake swagger – those salespeople that will look for a job but are not looking to actually work hard. How can you weed those all talk, low-Drive candidates
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When is the Best Time to Use Sales Testing in the Recruitment Process?

Testing is used by a variety of industries to vet initial prospects before a formal interview process begins. Highly technical fields may require a proficiency test that includes knowledge of theory and application. Other candidates in fields that involve significant hands on work may require dexterity testing. Sales fields rely on psychological sales assessment tests to determine if sales candidates have the necessary personality traits needed for success in sales. Administer a Sales Assessment Early in the Hiring Process The most effective time to implement a sales assessment test is after a resume review and an initial phone screen, but
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The Importance of Evaluating Your Current Employees

Obviously we are advocates of the combination of a thorough sales assessment test followed by a rigorous in-person behavioral interview for maximum results for new hires. Together, they yield high predictability for sales success within your company. But what about current employees? If we want all our new hires to test high in Drive, should we not hold the same standard for current salespeople? The Importance of Evaluating Your Current Employees was last modified: February 12th, 2013 by SalesDrive, LLC
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