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How to Retain the Top Sales Talent on Your Team

Did you know that on average, 8% of salespeople are responsible for 80% of the sales at your company? Obviously, those salespeople are your top performers – the ones who consistently generate the most revenue and help the business thrive. Since top performers can be difficult to find and hire, it is easy to understand how losing even one of them from your sales team could have a significant effect on your sales department and the company as a whole. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to keep your top performers around. Check out the following list of
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7 Reasons Your Best Employees Leave

Why Your Sales Team Turnover Rate is so High Employee turnover can be very damaging for employers. Companies hire in order to fill a void, but when a candidate fails to fulfill the job’s duties, that void still exists. The slack is then picked up by other employees who become overworked. The resources invested in that employee are a net loss for the company, as is the pay, possible 401k contributions, and other benefits. Why is salesperson turnover so high? The issue could stem from any number of reasons, and maybe your salespeople are good workers, but they leave for
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