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Personality Test Versus Sales Assessment
Sales Assessments

How to Choose Between Personality Tests and Sales Assessments

Finding good salespeople is one of the biggest challenges that sales VPs face today. Most sales managers find themselves stuck in a never-ending quest to hire quality salespeople that will help grow the company to new levels. And, as you gain more hiring experience, chances are you are learning that the standard resume review/interview routine just is not enough to truly determine the quality of your sales candidates. While a potential hire may look great on paper, and seem promising in the interview, hiring on intuition alone is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in building your sales
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My Candidate’s Sales Personality Test Score was Lower than Expected . . . Should I Re-Test Him?

Despite our initial screening efforts, sales candidates occasionally score lower on the online sales test than expected on measures of Drive. For example, candidates with a history of success at a large company may have relied on its brand recognition and collateral materials. Similarly, some candidates are strong interviewees, and can look great on paper and interview well over the phone, but they may not have the internal motivation we need in a “hunter” salesperson. Nonetheless, when we are disappointed by a candidate’s test score, it can be very tempting to re-test the candidate, thinking that perhaps the first result simply
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What Questions Should I Ask in a Salesperson Phone Screen?

After reviewing sales candidate resumes, hiring managers often add a phone screen to determine whether to move the candidate forward into the testing and interviewing process. This 20-30 minute phone call helps bring the candidate’s resume to life and provides some excellent clues about whether he or she has the characteristics the company is seeking. Since the time is short, hiring managers often wonder about the best questions to ask. Here is a salesperson phone screen protocol, we use and recommend, to help you determine whether a candidate is likely to be successful in the testing and interviewing process.  What Questions Should
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