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Sales Training

Does A High-Drive Salesperson Need Training?

Many sales managers prefer to hire candidates with no previous sales experience, sometimes directly out of college. These inexperienced candidates are like blank slates. This assures the sales managers that their new recruits do not come with any bad sales habits from previous roles or companies. These managers test and interview their candidates carefully for Drive, making sure that their new hires will have the passion necessary to succeed as a hunter or a farmer. However, some sales managers occasionally make a critical mistake when deploying their new troops – one that can spell trouble for even the most motivated
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Sales Assessments

How to Choose the Best Sales Assessment for Your Company

If you find yourself at the end of another sales quarter and sales have not been growing as expected, you might be asking yourself a few questions. After you rule out any external factors that could have been contributing to the slow growth, the next assumption is the cause must be coming from within your company. Is it your sales team? It may be that even though all your sales reps performed well during the interview process, their numbers out in the field are rotten. So, how do you make sure that you do not find yourself in the same
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KiteDesk Interviews the Principal of SalesDrive, LLC

KiteDesk, a company who uses “the most accurate Internet research technologies and databases to find and capture the best Leads,” has chosen to highlight SalesDrive, LLC on their blog. As an avid advocate of SalesDrive’s systems, KiteDesk has seen first-hand the success that SalesDrive, LLC brings to companies. Representing SalesDrive, LLC in this interview is Dr. Christopher Croner, the Principal and co-author of “Never Hire a Bad Salesperson Again.” Click here to read Dr. Croner’s thoughts and ideas behind SalesDrive, LLC and how it got to be the success it is today. KiteDesk Interviews the Principal of SalesDrive, LLC was last
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Spotting Lies on a Resume

5 Tips for Identifying Lies on a Resume It is common practice today to fib a little bit on a resume. In fact, a study conducted at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst suggests that approximately 60% of adults cannot hold a conversation for 10 minutes without lying. While this may provide advantages to applicants, as an employer, it is important to be able to weed out truth from fiction. Interviewing and hiring honest, qualified candidates is key to your business’s success. To prevent getting the wool pulled over your eyes, learn to identify the top warning signs that a
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6 Reasons Why So Many Bad Salespeople Get Hired

Every company tries its best to recruit, interview and vet salespeople before hiring them. But way too many bad salespeople still get through, jump on the payroll and do not produce. As Seinfeld might say, “What’s up with that?” It is all too common to hire bad salespeople. Unfortunately, this is more than just a hassle. The time spent training and working with incompetent salespeople costs your company money. Bad salespeople can also tank the productivity of others, and the good members of your team may have to teach these bad salespeople how to perform better. Since many of these bad
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How to Hire a Salesperson for a Vacant Territory

One of the most frustrating challenges that hiring managers face is how to hire a salesperson for a vacant territory. The loss of revenue and opportunity costs can make the temptation almost overwhelming to quickly fill the territory with the first candidate they can find. However, although settling for just any salesperson may relieve some of their anxiety in the short term, it will inevitably cause even greater problems down the road. How to Hire a Salesperson for a Vacant Territory was last modified: November 6th, 2014 by SalesDrive, LLC
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