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Sales Interviewing & Hiring

How to Use Extreme Questions in a Sales Interview

Interviewing sales candidates can be particularly challenging. Often, sales candidates can be hard to read in an interview since many are skilled at presenting themselves in a favorable light. A powerful technique for quickly moving past a candidate’s defenses is to use “extreme” questions. When asking the right type of extreme questions in a sales interview, you are much more likely to identify a candidate’s true potential. This technique’s power comes from its ability to get right at the heart of the matter, allowing you to learn the candidate’s tendencies. “Extreme” interview questions gain their namesake for a reason and
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Sales Interviewing & Hiring

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Sales Manager

Hiring a sales manager isn’t an easy task, but it is one you will want to take seriously to build a successful sales team. Not all salespeople are made to be effective sales managers. For one thing, the two job roles require vastly different skill sets. On top of that, a salesperson who transitions to a management role often takes a pay cut, so they may not be happy with the promotion if money is their main motivation at work. That being said, some salespeople can transition to a sales management role with ease and lead their team to achieve
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Sales Interviewing & Hiring

How to Dramatically Improve Your Sales Hiring Process [Infographic]

The standard sales hiring process is one that has been the same for what feels like eons. As a Sales Hiring Manager, you likely have a routine you follow when hiring new employees, which most likely looks similar to the following: Create the job posting Advertise the position Review resumes Verify references Conduct basic interviews Make a hiring decision Is it just us, or are you tired of this antiquated way of approaching your hiring? Especially when that hiring process has a failure rate of 20% (the typical turnover in sales). This is likely even truer when you learn that
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