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Sales Management

5 Inspiring Habits of a Successful Sales Mentor

Is your sales team running at its highest level? If not, it may need a strong, confident sales mentor to kick it into high gear. It is essential that every great sales manager, director or vice president develop a few key habits that will help cultivate growth and success for their team. Let us go over some of those habits and how they can help your sales team flourish. The Habits that Define a Stellar Sales Leader 1.   Waking up early Waking up early is not an easy habit to develop, but it is one thing that many successful leaders
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Sales Management

3 Empowering Techniques to Help Your Sales Team Sell More

Whether you have a sales process in place or you are simply looking for a way to improve your sales team’s performance, there is always room for growth. Many struggling teams use the same sales techniques over and over again and expect different results. But if you really want to break out from a sluggish sales streak, you may want to consider shaking things up. Here are a few ways to accomplish that while empowering your sales team to sell more. 3 Ways to Increase Your Team’s Sales 1.   Warm Calling Though it may be effective under certain conditions, cold
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sales team plateau
Sales Management

Is My Sales Team Experiencing a Plateau or a Speed Bump?

The answer depends on how you handle your current sales slump. A sales plateau generally occurs after a rapid increase of sales. After that invigorating climb, you find yourself looking at a flat wasteland. How you get out – climbing back down or finding a hidden way up – depends on both your management style and your sales team. Sales plateaus are so common that industry researchers devote time to studying them. There has been a lot written on what causes plateaus and some on even how to push past them, but not all of this information can be applied
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Maximizing Your Sales Team’s Performance

7 Tips to Improve Sales Productivity The backbone to any successful company starts at the base with its salespeople. Hiring the right people for the job is a huge part of ensuring the sales team is doing its best, but there is more to it than that. It is really about the communication between management and team members, as well as the upkeep of the team’s mentality that really helps your sales team flourish. By actively working on a holistic approach to management, your sales team’s performance is sure to really take off. So, how do you maximize the potential
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Can a Motivational Speech Increase Drive in Your Salespeople?

Companies often include motivational speakers in their training systems, and a good motivational speaker can spark some fresh thinking and bring energy into the program. However, these speeches will not be a cure-all for your sales team. Unfortunately, even the most inspiring motivational speakers cannot transform a low-Drive person into a high-Drive person. Since only 15% of the general population actually have the skills necessary to succeed in sales, it is imperative to manage your expectations ahead of time. Can a Motivational Speech Increase Drive in Your Salespeople? was last modified: August 1st, 2013 by SalesDrive, LLC
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Why Do Salespeople Plateau?

You just hired a new salesperson who seems to be the perfect candidate to fill a gap in your team. Smart, driven, excellent at making contacts, this skilled new hire hits the ground running. You give the new employee a slightly larger territory, maybe a few more contacts. The new hire eats those up, too. The employee seems like he could be a top earner on your team, so you offer the amount of work equal to your top earner. Suddenly, you are met with resistance. In fact, the new hotshot’s numbers may have even fallen. Eventually the work flattens
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