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8 Reasons Your Sales Training Is Not Working

One of the most difficult challenges faced by sales managers is creating a sales training system that significantly improves sales results. Not only do you have to decide what content to teach – you have to deliver that content in a way that motivates your salespeople to succeed if you want a good return on your investment. Otherwise, you will be left wondering why your sales team is not successful. On top of that, you will have wasted your own time as well as the time of your salespeople. Do not let that happen. Instead, keep reading, and you will
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6 Helpful Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Salespeople

A 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey showed that it took one year or longer for most new employees to get caught up to speed in about 30% of companies. As a sales manager, you might find that statistic concerning. A year is a long time for a person to work at a company without completely understanding their job. For salespeople, slow progress translates to a lowered ability to sell productively. Can you imagine how much your team’s sales results could improve if every single salesperson went through an effective onboarding process? Chances are, their results would improve quite a bit.
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Are You Wasting Time and Money on Bad Sales Training?

Sales training is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States, yet most sales managers still struggle with frequent employee turnover and low-performing sales teams. Perhaps the financial success of the training industry is indicative of the fact that managers are desperate to fix their underperforming sales teams with transformative seminars and weekend retreats. With all the training options available, and all the money being spent on training, why are managers still struggling? Is sales training simply ineffective? It turns out there are a few key differences that make sales training effective or ineffective. If you have ever been disappointed
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