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Why You Need a Modern Sales Process [Guest Post]

Guest Post by Tim Jernigan Managing a sales team can feel like being pulled in a hundred directions at once. If your sales team works the “old-fashioned” way – handwritten reports, navigating by instinct, using their brain as a  CRM – the stress is even worse. An old-fashioned sales process requires a lot more managing. You spend all of your time reading sloppy reports, paying out ridiculous mileage expenses and cleaning up after reps when they forget to follow-up with leads. A modern sales process eliminates busy-work. You’re leading your team, but they’re managing themselves. A full-fledged modern sales team
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Sales Management

5 Sales Planning Tools to Boost Productivity

According to Harvard Business Review, the time that sales reps spend on non-sales (admin) work is up 21%, and this has come at the expense of actual selling time in front of the customer, which is down a full 26%. As a sales manager, you probably find these statistics concerning. Imagine how many more deals your sales team could close if they spent more of their time selling and less of it on non-sales activities. It could make all the difference in your department’s results. But what can a sales manager do to cut down on time spent on non-sales
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