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Why You Need a Modern Sales Process [Guest Post]

Guest Post by Tim Jernigan Managing a sales team can feel like being pulled in a hundred directions at once. If your sales team works the “old-fashioned” way – handwritten reports, navigating by instinct, using their brain as a  CRM – the stress is even worse. An old-fashioned sales process requires a lot more managing. You spend all of your time reading sloppy reports, paying out ridiculous mileage expenses and cleaning up after reps when they forget to follow-up with leads. A modern sales process eliminates busy-work. You’re leading your team, but they’re managing themselves. A full-fledged modern sales team
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The Sales Dream Team – How to Build One in Your Department

Your sales team is key to your company’s success – there is no doubt about it. That is why it is incredibly important for you to prioritize attracting and retaining top sales talent. However, that is easier said than done. Hiring the right salespeople can be tough, and keeping them around can be even tougher. And you can rest assured that you are not the only person having trouble with this. In fact, one University of Southern California study showed that 71% of sales leaders cited the ability to hire and retain sales talent as one of their top concerns.
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