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Sales Interviewing & Hiring

Why Sales Jobs Are So Difficult to Hire For

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “sales occupations are projected to decline between 2018 and 2028,” a trend that is bound to make it more challenging for employers to hire sales associates.  However, this prediction is just one of several reasons sales jobs are challenging to hire for. Other factors, such as technology changes, decreased appeal, and increased stigmatization also contribute to declining sales positions and qualified candidates.  This explains why it can be so difficult to find and hire a high-performing salesperson – let alone a whole team of them. Fortunately, there are several steps sales managers
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hiring guide for fast growing companies
Sales Interviewing & Hiring

The Sales Hiring Guide for Fast-Growing Companies [SlideShare]

The Sales Guide for Fast Growing Companies When your company is growing fast, you cannot afford to make bad hiring decisions. This especially applies when you are hiring salespeople. By adding just one wrong salesperson to your team, it could end up costing your company hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention lost opportunity to grow the business. So how can you avoid hiring these costly bad salespeople? Keep reading to learn the research-backed process for consistently hiring the high-performing salespeople your company needs to exceed growth expectations each year. How Fast-Growing Companies Hire Stellar Salespeople
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Sales Interviewing & Hiring

How to Attract the Best Salespeople [Video]

Hiring high-performance salespeople can be very difficult, and not to mention competitive. After all, less than 20% of the general population is high in Drive – the personality trait shared by successful hunter salespeople. Drive is made up of three non-teachable personality traits. Your candidate either has these traits or he/she doesn’t, and testing for these traits, prior to hiring, will save you both time and money. Need for Achievement: The intense desire to attain excellence & accomplish challenging goals. Competitiveness: The unquenchable thirst to outperform one’s peers & win the customer over to his point of view. Optimism: The
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