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7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity

The most effective sales managers understand that a salesperson’s productivity directly relates to the results he/she is able to achieve. An unproductive salesperson will not be able to sell as much as a productive one. So, how do you increase sales productivity in a way that helps your team sell more? Every sales team is different, but the following tips should help your salespeople regardless of what is slowing them down at work. By the time you finish reading this post, you will be well equipped to coach your team to greater productivity and sales success.   How to Increase
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5 Sales Planning Tools to Boost Productivity

According to Harvard Business Review, the time that sales reps spend on non-sales (admin) work is up 21%, and this has come at the expense of actual selling time in front of the customer, which is down a full 26%. As a sales manager, you probably find these statistics concerning. Imagine how many more deals your sales team could close if they spent more of their time selling and less of it on non-sales activities. It could make all the difference in your department’s results. But what can a sales manager do to cut down on time spent on non-sales
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