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Sales Management

The Sales Manager’s Guide to Helping a Struggling Sales Rep

A low-performing salesperson can easily be one of the reasons your sales are stagnant. Not only because of his or her results, but also because of the way he can affect the morale and attitude of your other salespeople. So, if you have noticed that one (or more) of your salespeople is struggling to sell, you may feel frustrated and upset that your team’s collective results are being affected. Beyond just managing salespeople, it is difficult to know how to handle a struggling salesperson in a way that helps him sell more. Fortunately, we have put together a list of
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8 Reasons Your Salespeople Are Not Closing Sales

If your salespeople cannot close a sale properly, you many feel frustrated. After all, there is no way the can achieve impressive sales results if they do not know how to close. What you may not realize is that the ability to close relies heavily on the entire sales process – not just what the salesperson says to the customer at the end of the call. If your salespeople are using an ineffective sales process, they cannot be expected to close sales frequently. That is why you, as the sales manager, must teach your salespeople to use an effective sales
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