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Winning the War for High-Performance Sales Talent

Fill your sales team with high-performance salespeople

Whitepaper - Winning the War
Winning the War for High-Performance Sales Talent Whitepaper

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Yes, salespeople must be trained and developed. But that comes later because training and development are moot if the core aptitude, Drive, is not in place to begin with.


Drive consists of 3 non-teachable traits: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism. And research shows high-performance salespeople share these innate traits.


Statistically, only one of the next five people who apply for your sales position will have the necessary core aptitude to be successful in sales.


The good news, there is a way for you to ensure you are only hiring top-producers and avoiding those who do not have these necessary traits. This guide will outline that process for you.


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