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Writing a Job Ad That Attracts Top Salespeople


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The first step in writing a job ad that attracts top-performing sales candidates is to get the word out to the market that your organization, and the job itself, is Drive-centric.

Research shows that top producers share an innate personality trait called Drive. Drive consists of three non-teachable personality traits: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism. And while Drive cannot be taught, there are several things you, as a manager, can do prior to hiring to attract and identify those candidates who truly have the Drive needed to succeed in sales. And it all starts with writing a job ad that speaks directly to high-performance salespeople.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The difference between a Drive-neutral ad and a high-Drive ad.
  • Language to use when writing your own high-Drive job listing to attract top producers.
  • A worksheet with guidance for crafting your job listing.


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