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Let’s Talk About Increasing Your Sales

In this video, Dr. Chris Croner discusses how you can raise your revenues by hiring salespeople who consistently crush their competition, and avoid getting burned by candidates who say all the “right” things in the interview but never live up to your expectations thereafter. Watch the video now to learn his secrets for hiring high-performance salespeople.

What is Drive?

Drive is the collection of three core personality traits that successful salespeople share: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism. Studies show high-performing salespeople are high in Drive but the critical issue most people miss: Drive cannot be taught.

So you must determine which of the candidates who have applied for your open position are high in Drive, or everything else that follows… interviewing, hiring and training… are time and money wasted.

Non-Teachable Traits Assessed:

  • Drive
  • Need for Achievement
  • Competitiveness
  • Optimism

Teachable Skills Assessed:

  • Confidence
  • Persuasiveness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Organization

3-Step Approach to Hiring Top Sales Talent


sales personality test administered by sales manager
1. Administer Sales Personality Test

All of your candidates will tell you they can sell; The DriveTest® will show you the truth about who really will sell.

Apply The DriveTest® before the interview, to ensure you are interviewing only high-potential candidates, saving you time and money.


sales manager applying drive interview after sales personality test

2. Conduct The Drive Interview®

Use The Drive Interview® to reinforce the Drive factor along with your own, favorite interview techniques.

The DriveTest® report provides interview questions specific to each candidate based on his/her unique score. These questions are designed to probe deeper into a candidate’s sales skills.


sales personality tests help managers hire better salespeople

3. Hire Better Salespeople

Those candidates that pass The DriveTest® and The Drive Interview® are great possible new hires for your company. Now you can hire the best fit, high-Drive salesperson for your company with confidence.

Refer to your Production Builder™ report for specific opportunities for growth and development based on your new hires unique personality profile.


Simple, User-Friendly Interface

Our Sales Personality Test Dashboard:

  • Helps you qualify your candidates prior to the interview, allowing you to only interview high-potential candidates
  • Provides a concise 42-question sales personality test that takes 20 minutes to complete online
  • Results are received instantly and are easy to understand and interpret

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The DriveTest® Difference

Most personality tests are broadly developed for general usage, and then interpreted for salespeople. The DriveTest® has been developed for salespeople only.

Most salesperson assessment tests measure teachable skills, but teachable skills are moot without the non-teachable personality trait, Drive, to use them. We measure both, but start with the non-teachable aptitude including: Need for Achievement, Competitiveness and Optimism.

Sales personality tests are great, but when combined with a related behavioral interview they are even better. The DriveTest® and The Drive Interview® deliver both. This combination is critical to your hiring success.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Since partnering with SalesDrive, it has unified our metrics & standards in our recruiting process across our national footprint. The DriveTest® allows our training team to execute with a higher level of performance because the DriveTest® allows us to choose candidates with the unteachable characteristics, & that is Drive. In fact, our new hires outperform veteran reps, consistently quarter after quarter & we attribute a portion of that to hiring the candidates that have something inside of them that can’t be trained, & that is Drive.

Joe Gaasbeck Senior Manager -Sales Training -Recruiting -Leadership Development, DexYP

If you are looking to eliminate the fluff riff raff and just interview and hire the most Driven of all candidates, I highly recommend getting on board with SalesDrive and Dr. Chris Croner. As a manager and mentor of salespeople for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Dr. Croner made my life’s work of searching for the Top Performers a lot simpler. SalesDrive is the filter I use in business to locate and hire the very best of sales people, plain and simple.

Robert Heinz Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, The Custom Companies, Inc.

We have found the DriveTest® assessment to be an important tool in evaluating candidates for various job opportunities. It is a win/win for the company and the candidate in determining the optimal fit.

Diane Niederman VP Alliances, The Alliance of M&A Advisors

The SalesDrive assessment has become an integral part of the way we screen and assess sales talent, helping us considerably improve the quality and performance of incoming hires.

Naseem Saloojee VP Revenue, Top Hat

We have been using the SalesDrive test for our new agent hire for several years now. I’m amazed at the level of accurate prediction these tests have provided looking back! I highly recommend the DriveTest® for your next agent candidate.

Douglas McCullough Vice President –Brokerage, NAI Chase Commercial

The SalesDrive assessment has been instrumental for us here at Gibson in forming highly functioning, successful sales teams where all members play an integral role. It’s been invaluable to us!

Shelly Smith SPHR, Director of Human Resources, Gibson Insurance

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